December 31, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Wow, 2017 flew by like a blink of an eye. I literally had NO time to rest from my husband, kids, projects, trips and there was no escaping one issue to another.

I must admit, I had a few bumps along the way ~well more like a major sucker punch in the face by a “friend” that triggered a crazy mom moment: http://catarambulo.com/mommy-bloggers-are-exploiting-and-extorting-their-kids/

Hahaha! Now I can laugh about it since I got it off my chest and all the information is out there for my kids to see. No regrets. Just lessons learned which has made me stronger, better and wiser! I now know how to train, equip and protect my kids… life lessons!

Before I move forward, I’m closing 2017 on a high note. Here are this year’s highlights ~ in no particular order:

1. Speaking for all the “Mommy Bloggers” and parents who choose to share their lives and kids on social media. Plus THIS article signifies so much.. especially for MY kids!!!

2. Major Milestones

Alana turns ONE.

Asher’s first day in Kindergarten.

We took Danielle on a college tour so she can have a better view of her future.

3. I met my #KumaCatArambulo kids and took them to the Future City Event by Nestle.

Another moment…

And a memorable Christmas playdate!

4. Cat Arambulo Talks. I realized I thrive speaking infront of thousands of people. Haha!

5. I was gone for 7 weeks to film for a show in Singapore and Malaysia. It will be aired in 40 countries in Q2 2018.

6. I jumped off a plane in Charlotte. Spontaneously and so random!

7. I went swimming in -21° weather + wind chill. Again another spontaneous and random moment!

8. My little passion project Catastrophe turns 2 and is slowly growing!

9. My career is in full bloom. I haven’t worked so much in my life. And the best part, it doesn’t feel like work because I love what I do so much!

10. Most importantly: My family is complete, happy and everyone is healthy!!!

So yes, I had an awesome year. I’m thankful for your utmost support. I’m beyond grateful and over the moon that you continue to love me and my family, always!!!

Let’s own 2018. From my family to yours, Happy New Year!!!

Til my next post… cheers!


Cover photo by Petro Kitsul of Sweet Escapes.

Family photos by MJ Suayan.

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Motherhood