September 2, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Asher’s “biggest” dream at 5 years old is to ride a sea plane. We were actually planning to take onefrom New York to Boston but backed out after finding out the price. The travel agency quoted us at $1,000++ /person PLUS they couldn’t accommodate our luggages on the same flight. Which meant, we’d have to book an extra flight just for our luggages. We weren’t will to spend that much so we decided to take the train instead. There goes Asher’s sea plane dreams… haha!


Just our luck. One of the first emails I received when we arrived in Manila was an invitation to Air Juan’s 5th Anniversary. A SEA PLANE!!!!! I got butterflies in my tummy for Asher. I didn’t know we had sea planes in Manila… and to my surprise, it’s been around for 5 years. OMG. I can’t believe we had plans of taking one in the US when it’s available locally and a lot cheaper. *Major dumb moment*

Air Juan

Do you know what taking off and landing in water means? NO traffic. NO crowded airport. NO terminal lines. LESS waiting time. Plus the best part, you can land directly in front of your beachfront resort. You can fly to places with short runways or even no runways at all. It’s the perfect inter-island travel solution ~ESPECIALLY if you’re traveling with kids.

Check out our video to see what Air Juan is all about:


Note: Air Juan was offering only 9 seats for this event. The contest: Post a photo of the event and the top 9 posts with the most “likes” and “comments” gets to experience an Air Juan flight. Of course, Asher was hounding me throughout the whole event asking if we got a seat (actually we needed 2 seats), OMG #pressure #stress. So yes, I put my “mommy blogger” hat on, posted a video and literally spent the whole morning LOBBYING for “likes and comments”. hahahaha! The things we do for our kids. So I just want to take this opportunity to give a HUGE shoutout to Air Juan, ARC and to every person who liked, viewed and commented because you made Asher’s Seaplane DREAM come true. THANK YOU!!!



Here’s the current Air Juan travel routes for your reference. I also took the liberty to book a flight online to show you approximately how much it costs. Early Bird Rates start as low as P4,000/pax per flight. Note: There are 9 seats for an Air Juan Sea Plane.

Air Juan Flights

Here’s the current schedule of Air Juan Services as of September 2017.


To book a flight, contact +632.711.8111 or email or simply click this:

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Air Juan is a pioneering aviation company that operates seaplanes, land planes and helicopters; providing fast and convenient air transport services to the Philippines’ most beautiful destinations. The company is a duly licensed scheduled airline by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). Air Juan is also accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT) as a Tourist Air Transport provider and is the biggest commercial seaplane operator in Southeast Asia.








- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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