September 11, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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So the day has finally come that Asher has asked for his own blog/vlog and You Tube channel. And you know what? I said No (with a BUT). This is actually something my husband and I agreed on from the beginning of #AsherStyle.


WHY? Because I know my son. We don’t want him to lose focus on school, all of his other extra curricular activities and the bliss of being a kid. His features, appearances and projects are currently all born and done in FUN. The minute he has his own IG account, blog and/or You Tube channel.. it officially becomes WORK. We’ve actually turned down several commercial offers because it will entail being on a set, committing time and REAL WORK vs. amateur videos of playing and doing things in his element.

People don’t realize that being on social media actually requires a lot of work, social and moral responsibilities. My kids are NOT ready for that.. My husband and I want to keep all of Asher’s (and Alana’s) stints effortless and fun.

So here’s the BUT. Since my husband and I are big on COMPROMISE, we told Asher that: No he can’t have his own vlog/blog at this time. BUUUUT he can have his own episodes on my account every time he feels like sharing something with the world. And you know what? He was thrilled to help design his thumbnail, see his name and photo on You Tube. haha! So cute.

You can watch Asher’s FIRST video, HERE:


The video was co-directed and edited by Asher and I, filmed by me. Yes co-edited because Asher actually gave his two cents on which clips he wanted me to use and discard. And since I am a blogger, I decided to give a little more direction and plug in more SUBSTANCE.

Running around to film Asher made me realize how active children are. Imagine jumping into the balls in Kidzoonia, it’s a bed infested with germs and bacteria. Think about it, we parents can’t stop our children from playing and going about their business, they’re kids. We can’t control what the touch. But the one thing we can control is protecting them with 24 hour germ free protection with our family’s favorite, Safeguard!

Til my next post…. we hope you enjoy the video.



- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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