Asher Turns 3: Event Styling Under $100

May 4, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Party #1: School

I went all out with both Asher & Danielle’s first birthday parties: catered, professional event stylist and full on entertainment by Lou Hilario, etc. The guest list: our friends and their kids. haha! As the kids get older, go to school and develop a core group of friends – it actually makes more sense, practical and cost effective to host a party there since those are the people they spend most of their time with.

Asher Antonio

For Asher’s 3rd birthday, I gave him free range to plan his own party. It was during our 15 hour flight to LA that we got into the details. The conversation went like this:

Asher:  “Mommy, let’s talk about my Dusty party.” (ok, so I knew his theme was going to be Dusty from the movie Planes)

ME: “Sure. What would you like to have? A cake or cupcakes?”

Asher: “A Dusty Cake and small cupcakes.”

ME: “Ok. What food would you want?”

Asher: “Chicken nuggets, spaghetti and chicken croquettes”

ME: “Ok. Who would you like to invite?”

Asher: “Connor, Sevi, Mackenzie, Wayne, Teacher Casey, etc.” (Pretty much everyone he mingles with in school)

ME: “Oh sure. Ok. Would you want giveaways and balloons?”

Asher: “Yes. I like Dusty balloon!”

Asher Antonio

Luckily we were going to the US and there’s no better place to go Dusty theme shopping than the mecca of all party supplies, Party City!!!


Asher went nuts!!! And honestly, so did I. It’s the perfect one stop party shop with EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine.

Asher Antonio

And the prices…so cheap! Definitely not a fraction of an event’s stylist fee. PLUS it offers a complete range of everything: We bought Dusty table cloth(s), plates, cups, table toppers, balloons, a piñata and all little knick knacks in theme for his giveaways (Asher’s choice!).

Asher Antonio

Now all I had to think about was how to put the Dusty themed party together. My budget: $100 (P5,000)!

Asher Antonio

Fast forward to party day back in Manila: guess who rushed, pulled through and gave us a Dusty themed cake and cupcakes? Cupcakes by Sonja and Cakeshop too. Yes, they actually customize and personalize EVERYTHING now. Amazingly cute!

Cat ARambulo Cat Arambulo

THIIIIIIIS is the epitome of a DIY party with the help of Danielle and Asher’s teachers from school. We had 30 minutes to set up!

12-Dusty Asher Antonio

We literally mulled everything from LA and put everything together in Manila. haha! The piñata was probably the hardest to bring home since it was bulky and fragile. It was a party MUST HAVE and I couldn’t leave LA without it.

Asher Antonio

Asher doesn’t usually like being the center of attention -BUT- for his Dusty themed party which… take note: he planned and helped shop for… he was ecstatic. LOOK at his reaction. PRICELESS!!!

06-Dusty Sonja's Cupcakes

One last look at the Dusty themed cake and cupcakes. Ugggggggh… isn’t it amazing??! It was a total hit with Asher and his friends.

Cat Arambulo and Asher Antonio

And of course it’s not an #AsherStyle party without all of us dressed in theme. haha!

Cat Arambulo

What’s a Dusty themed party without Planes Fire and Rescue gifts AND wrapping paper??! Ugggggh… SO CUTE!!!

MY THOUGHTS: You don’t need to spend so much to put together a stylized party. Especially at 3 years old,  kids just want the theme of their choice, cake blowing and familiar faces -friends & family- that matter the most. There are so many cost effective ways and practical solutions to DIY (Do It Yourself)- you just need to know where to go and be creative. Good luck!

And you know what: we used the decorations 3x. haha! $100 -Dusty Themed Party, MAXIMIZED!!!

You can order online from Party City | For Customize Cakes and Cupcakes contact: | (02)7850863 | Follow IG @cupcakesbysonja | Facebook: Cupcakes by Sonja 

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 of Asher’s month long Dusty themed celebration… HERE!


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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