April 25, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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And just like that, my only boy Asher turns 5. WOW. Time is flying by way too fast!

DIY Space Shuttle Party

But of course, what’s a birthday without a party? In our home, we go big and work with an event stylist during the 1st Birthday party BUT host mini celebrations after that. It’s usually one in school, a simple dinner at home and an afternoon with the rest of the family. We give our kids free reign over their birthday parties. They’re involved with the planning process, my husband pays and I execute. TEAM EFFORT! hahaha!

Here are some of the questions that I ask during birthday season:

  1. 1) How do you want to celebrate your birthday? Local trip or mini party?
  2. 2) What is the theme or color scheme?
  3. 3) What kind of food or cuisine did you want?
  4. 4) Do you want it at home or in a restaurant?
  5. 5) Cake or cupcakes?
  6. 6) Balloons or flowers?
  7. 7) What did you want in the loot bags?
  8. 8) GIFT: Surprise or Wishlist?

This year, Asher wanted a “SURPRISE” Space Shuttle Party — Pizza Party.

DIY Space Shuttle Party

Since we have a very limited selection of themed party suppliers here in the Manila, I ordered everything from Amazon and had it shipped. I’ve been doing this since my 15 year old daughter’s time when she wanted a Dora The Explorer Party on her 3rd Birthday. There was absolutely NOTHING available locally. Thank God for technology and the convenience of online shopping!!!


Asher’s Space Shuttle Cupcake Tower. THIS is how I explained what I wanted to have made. I have pegs for everything. The visuals makes it easier for me to explain my ideas. TIP: Check out IG hashtags, Google or Pinterest for inspiration.

FAST FORWARD: Asher said he wanted a space shuttle cake and cupcakes with blue icing and stars.


So I contacted Sonja Ocampo from Cakeshop by Sonja to make it happen.

THE PROCESS: Sonja had her team send me a cake study and quotation for my approval. I had a few tweaks and comments about the design BUT my biggest concern was to bring down costs. Originally, we were suppose to have 2 space shuttle cakes: one for school and second for Asher’s party with the family at Project Pie. But my frugal self asked for other options… and tadaaaaaa…. after some deliberation, we came up with a cake made out of styrofoam. Not only is is cost efficient since Asher blew out his candle 3 times: at school, dinner at home and during his Project Pie Party… BUT… the styrocake is easy to store, maximized and nothing is wasted. Oh and did you know?? Not a lot of people like eating fondant.

DIY Space Shuttle Party

April 20, 2017 Asher celebrated real birthday in school with his classmates. It was a quick party as we only had recess time to set up, eat and blow the cake. We ordered Shakey’s Pizza and Sonja’s Cupcakes. They are so efficient and I highly recommend them because they delivered everything  on time. Actually… everything arrived an hour before the actual set up time. It made my life a breeze!

DIY Space Shuttle Party

I must say that the food, cake and cupcakes were a hit. Personally, I like serving cupcakes vs. cake in big groups. Cupcakes are already portioned, easy to eat and you can use your hands.


Loot bags contained healthy gummies from Honest Junk and a relatively “healthy” selection from S&R.

DIY Space Shuttle Party

On April 23, 2017 Asher celebrated his birthday with our family at Project Pie, Makati. Did you notice that we used the same cake and cupcake stand? It’s such a no brainer. haha!

But most importantly, I want to share with you a video I made about how my daughter Danielle and I set everything up in less than 2 hours:



Check out the scene last Sunday…

DIY Space Shuttle party

and have you met…. CHUCKIE????

Asher Antonio

Chuckie is a class pet from Asher’s school. He’s being passed from one classmate to the other during weekends. Each child is tasked to take care of Chukcie, give him a good time and make journal entries in Chuckie’s diary about the things they did together. Chuck had a blast at Asher’s Party! hahaha!

Project Pie

THIS is why Asher LOOOOVES Project Pie. He gets to make his own pizza!

Project Pie

And LOOOOOK: each child gets their own cap and apron which they get to take home after their activities.

project pie

Yup, and I made my own pizza too!


Were so happy that everyone made it…

Farah Quinto & Jigger Antonio

Unfortunately, we didn’t hire a photographer and I wasn’t able to take photos of everyone…



But look at the smile on Asher’s face. PRICELESS!


And of course, to the Project Pie team….

Project Pie Ph


Til my next post…





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- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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  • Trina Decena Valdez

    Hi Cat! I’m a follower of your IG account and thanks to you I got an idea for my daughter’s birthday. So I’m currently planning for my daughter’s 1st birthday and I’m eyeing on project pie as our venue so It would be easier for me to DIY. I just want to ask if the caps and aprons the kids brought home are part of the package or did you request for it? 😊

    • Trina Decena Valdez

      And how many people were you able to fit in that branch?

      • Cat Arambulo-Antonio

        Hi Trina! I only used half of the space. We had appx 60 pax :)

    • Cat Arambulo

      Hi Trina! Awwwww thank you so much for the support. Anyway, YEEEES, the apron and caps are part of the package. Kindly coordinate with the branch manager so the can prepare everything ahead of time. Yay good luck and enjoy!!! And YES, DIY is totally manageable. :)