March 29, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Nothing amazes me more than to see the world through the eyes of a child.

Asher Antonio for Safeguard

Last week, we went to Singapore for Procter & Gamble’s Science and Discovery Tour hosted by Safeguard. The OBJECTIVE: To learn more about bacteria, know how germs spread and how to protect ourselves. The GOAL: To learn how to keep clean, stay healthy and teach the kids to follow suit. Plus of course we were excited to see the science behind Safeguard’s soap. I had Asher skip school for this trip since I strongly feel that learning should always be supplemented with life experiences. And gosh, it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to travel to Singapore, learn from the experts and get a super exclusive peek into the Safeguard Laboratory. Yup, I must say… THIS is too cool for school. haha!

Safeguard's Science Discovery Tour

Flashback to a week before: The P&G team and PAMET (Philippine Association of Medical Technologists, Inc.) doctors came to our place to collect “germ” samples.

PAMET & safeguard

The PAMET doctors simply swabbed Asher’s airplanes, iPads and other electronic devices so that they could study the germs in their laboratory and forward everything to Singapore in time for our visit.


Asher Antonio & safeguard

Touchdown: Singapore! No Daddy, no yaya… just Asher & I plus an awesome group of mommy friends and their kid for 3 days. It was definitely a challenging yet beautiful bonding experience for us since we’ve never travelled without Daddy Carlo.


Although, I must admit, we were too busy to think or miss anyone. haha! Anyway… welcome to the P&G Innovation Centre in Singapore. It is their first time to open their science lab and state of the art innovation center to anyone.


Ok, so MY FACE says it all. Obviously I can’t seem to hide my excitement. I was in absolute awe!

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour

I couldn’t help but take a photo of my friend Nikka taking photo. What a warm welcome, Safeguard.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio & Asher Antonio for Safeguard

Waaaaaaaah!!! And they even made Asher & I matching Safeguard lab coats.

cat Arambulo-Antonio & Asher Antonio for Safeguard

Of course I had to take a photo of Asher and post it on my IG stories. It’s too cute!!!

Asher Antonio & safeguard

Here’s a better view. Doesn’t everything look cuter when they’re “MINI”?

Cat Arambulo-Antonio & Asher Antonio

After getting settled, or should I say: after taking all of our photos, we were taken to a room for our first activity. Well…. actually… it was more like a model unit or a studio apartment.


The kids became GERM HUNTERS!!! What a fantastic idea!!!


The lights were turned off and the kids were tasked to find the major hotspots that germs could be lurking in.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour

BINGO!!! Michelle spotted the remote control.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour

Asher started to scream when he saw it on the toilet flush. He kept saying, “YUCK, YUCK, YUUUUCKY!!!”. hahaha! Germophobe!!!


And as discussed with the kids: the other major hot spots are the bottom of handbags, toothbrushes, the sink, computer keyboards, keys and for those who love to walk bare foot around the house…. YIIIIIIIKES… those floors. Even if we sometimes think everything is clean… we learned that germs are everywhere!!! OMG.

Safeguard Science Discovery Tour

And you know what??? One of the dirtiest. Our cellphones!!!!!!!!!!!

\Safeguard Science Discovery Tour

Doc Vertucio swabbed and tested it with a germ meter. And THAT is what she got!

Science Discovery Tour

Meet Angelica Caranza, Section Head of Global Microbiology Capability Organisations. Here she is showing us the different kinds of germs lurking in our homes. Remember how I said that PAMET & P&G went to our homes before our trip to do a germ swab…. THIS IS IT!!!


The Safeguard team did Skin Mimics to study the microorganism.


And guess what??? These are the most common bacteria that was found in our homes: Staphylococcus is a common bacteria that causes pneumonia. Kokuria is a bacteria that causes UTI. And Enterococcus Faecalis is a bacteria that causes meningitis. BTW… that last one: Faecalis means feces. BARF!!!!!!!! And THAAAAAT is why it’s important to wash your hands and teach your kids to wash their hands properly too.


There’s even such a thing as “swimming” bacteria. YUCK.


You see the hand on your left?? That hand is after handling raw chicken. GROOOSSSSS!!!! The hand on the right is the hand after washing it with Safeguard. I can’t stress this enough: Proper hand washing minimises the spread of infections and spread of microorganism. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!


Check out the different hand mimics with bacteria when washed with other brands of soaps. The advantages of Safeguard is that it provides germ shield protection even after hours of washing your hands. Other soaps use a different kind of technology and doesn’t offer that kind of protection.

Here’s a little trivia: Did you know??? Safeguard started in the US in 1965. It’s been in the Philippines since 1966. I knew they were old. But I didn’t realize that they’ve been around for THAT long. AMAZING!!! And, did you know that Safeguard is the first company to start Global Hand Washing Day. Fantastic.

Rochelle Nivera

Next we went into the Safeguard Laboratory to see how the soaps are tested and sampled. Meet Rochelle Nivera!


I had to edit most of the photos from this part of the tour because the information in this laboratory is top secret. But in a nut shell, here’s what these basic ingredients do: Soap Noodle provides the suds and rich lather. Tapioca Starch helps the soap to be absorbed by the skin. It provides the shape of the soap. Fragrance is Safeguard’s signature clean scent. AND lastly, the secret: the patented germ shield protect complex.


This is what the soap looks like after going through the mini roll mill. The mini roll mill fully integrates the ingredients.


Then it goes through a mini plodder. Sorry, I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the machines either.


And finally the stamping. I got to stamp my own soap!!! YAY!!!

Cat arambulo-Antonio & Asher ANotnio

Asher was over the moon to see his name on the Safeguard box.

Asher Antonio & cat Arambulo-Antonio

Well….. actually, I was too. LOOK!!! It’s so cute!!!

Asher Antonio

Photo break. I guess it’s obvious that they’re kids of bloggers. hahaha!


Next we watched our kids do a little experiment.

Asher Antonio

Safeguard vs. Brand X


Rose petals were submerged into the soap.


The top is Safeguard. The bottom is Brand X. Do you see how the bottom petal turned black? It just shows us that Brand X uses harsh ingredients. Yikes!!! I wouldn’t want that on my skin.


Here we are immortalizing ourselves with the Safeguard experience.


A big shoutout and thank you to the P&G team, Safeguard big bosses and PAMET doctors teaching us about how & WHERE germs are commonly lurking even if we usually THINK our homes are spotless and clean. It’s such an eye-opening experience to learn about how germs are  easily transmitted, how fast they can regrow and how it causes a variety of diseases and infections.

Asher Antonio

After the Safeguard’s Science Discovery Tour, I now take comfort in knowing that Safeguard does their part in having a strong research and development team to back up their soap. After all this time, it’s only during this trip that I found out more about why Safeguard is highly recommended by leading health experts for germ protection. It’s because Safeguard uses high quality ingredients to produce superior germ shield protection – even hours after washing our body or hands PLUS more importantly, they have a full medical team of health experts to back them up. Safe to say that Safeguard really invests to stay true to their commitment of protecting the health of the family.

Science Discovery Tour

And since Asher can’t write his own story, I decided to take his video so he can tell you first hand about the things he learned:


Take note: He’s 4 years old. One take, no cuts, no briefing. At this age, KIDS DON’T LIE!!!

Til my next post…



- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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