February 20, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I know for a fact that a lot of first time mommas out there are probably thinking it but chances are, won’t ask this question: Can I get dolled up before I deliver my baby? Personally, I raised a lot of eyebrows when I blurted that question out a few years ago. And you know what? It took me 3 babies to find out. So I decided to make life so much easier for mothers who are expecting by sharing some of the things I should’ve done during my first pregnancy, 14 years ago. And trust me, you’ll thank me for it when you look back and see how fab you were when your kids start going through their old baby photos. *WINK*

Beauty Tips when delivering by Cat Arambulo-Antonio & Asher Antonio

This is how I looked when I delivered my son Asher, 5 years ago. I had come in for a routine weekly check up BUT I wasn’t allowed to leave the hospital. We ended up staying in the delivery room over night and they told me that I was going to have a c-section early the next morning. OMG, I was so unprepared that I didn’t even pack my hospital bag yet. A few hours before the surgery, I decided to do every little thing I could to look decent enough for a photo. With one hand (the other hand had the IV line), I made use of everything I had in my make-up kit: Eyelash curler, concealer and lipgloss. Not bad, right?

Beauty Tips for the Delivery Room by Cat Arambulo-Antonio & Alana Antonio

This is how I looked last year when I delivered my 3rd child, Alana.  I mean think about it, your baby stayed in your tummy for 9 months and his/her coming will change your lives FOREVER. You might as well rock the delivery as you did the baby bump, right?

Beauty tips for the delivery room by Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Asher Antonio & Alana Antonio

As you can see, a little effort makes a BIG difference. What did I do differently? I did my research and a lot of planning to look good, safely. Here are my beauty tips for those who are delivering:

  1. 1. Pack your hospital bags early. I made a video of my hospital bag essentials which you can watch here: Whats in My Hospital Bag

2. Get a manicure and pedicure. Note: For c-sections they will only allow clear nail polish because apparently they need to see the blood circulation through your fingers and toes for emergency.

3. Get a good organic wax or threading. Everywhere. Personally, I just don’t like hair stubbles anywhere especially when I’m pregnant. You’ll feel cleaner especially since you can’t go in for laser hair removal.

4. Go to the salon and get a blow dry. For some reason, my hair texture is always perfect after coming from the salon and it still looks great the next day. Note: if you’re giving birth in Makati Med, they have a salon in the hospital. You can also request for a stylist to come to your room. Disclaimer: I didn’t try it personally.

5. For those scheduling a c-section, do it in the morning. That way, you can get a good night’s rest and take a shower right before they bring you to the operating room. Believe me, you’ll feel so fresh and good.

6. Make sure to do your eyebrows. I swear by Anastasia brow pomade and gel. It stays on!

7. Curl your lashes but don’t put mascara. There’s nothing more unglamorous than smudged mascara and racoon eyes. Optional: I had eyelash extensions done a day before my scheduled c-section so I wouldn’t have to worry about my non-existent lashes. Disclaimer: Please make sure to secure an approval from your doctor.

8. Full make-up is not allowed BUT a little concealer under the eyes will go a long way. I love mixing La Mer concealer mixed with Cinema Secrets.

9. Use matte lipstick. It looks better on photos because there’s no reflection. I use MAC, Inglot and Make-Up Forever. The shade will depend on your skin tone and the look you’re going for.

10. Make your excitement take over and happy hormones kick in. Smile and enjoy the mommy and baby bliss glow!!!

For those who really want to make an impact, visit The Aivee Institute for an Ulthera session for a more chiseled and slimmer appearance — 2 months before your delivery date. NOTE: Make sure you to have your doctor’s blessing & a medical certificate.

Always remember: One day, our photos are the only memories that the next generations will have of us. Make each moment count and capture it looking fab. The birth of our child is priceless!

Til my next post…



P.S. I don’t have photos when I was delivering my eldest daughter 14 years ago because they’re still on film and locked somewhere with other photos with my old nose. hahaha!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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