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July 12, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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For all my readers who have asking me to share my beauty tips and secret. Here it is! I’ve actually been going to The Aivee Institute for all of my skin care needs for years. Before I became a blogger and started experimenting with beauty products, I would drop by The Aivee Institute quite sporadically. I  usually drop by the clinic at least once a quarter for facials and I set up an appointment to consult Dra. Aivee ONLY when I have major skin and/or body issues.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio at The Aivee Institute

Here’s the BIG REVELATION! I have major body issues especially with my arms, back fat and those stubborn love handles. Anyway, during one of my facial visits, I wanted to try i-Lipo: a non invasive way of breaking down those stubborn fat cells and a perfect way to tone specific parts of my body… yes the results are like going to the gym for weight training, WITHOUT the gym or the training. haha!


I was hooked up to the machine and was ready to start my treatment and out of the blue I remembered that we were ready to have another baby. We weren’t exactly majorly actively TRYING but just for piece of mind I asked for a pregnancy test. I was actually pretty confident that it was going to be negative and I even said that I was going to target other areas too once we get the results of the test. LO AND BEHOLD… I took the first test in the bathroom, positive. Hmmmmm… I asked for a second one just to make sure… and while another test was being bought at Mercury Drug, I said, “Wait.. can you just buy alot. Alot like, 7? Just to make sure!” — The photo above says it all. AND YES… I laid out all the tests together… dropped the urine simultaneously and watched the lines pop up all together… and OMMMMG with an audience because some of Dra. Aivee’s patients would be walking in and out of the bathroom and saw me looking like a mad scientist trying to wrap my head around all of this… some congratulated me, another woman gave me a pep talk, another woman tried to console me saying that it’s a blessing and I can do all my treatments after 9 months and the funniest was a woman pretending to be oblivious but then I heard her asking the staff if I was ok. hahahahahaha! I died.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio at The Aivee Institute

So back to the drawing board. I had to abort my i-Lipo mission (it’s NOT safe to do it if you’re pregnant!) and revert to what I came in for. Remember how I said that before I started writing about beauty products I would visit the clinic sporadically? Well ever since I became a blogger and started to test all of the products being sent to me my skin became CRAAAAAZY! I started to breakout, my skin became coarse and I developed all of these spots all over my face. EEEEEEEEK!


So here’s what we were working on BEFORE I found out that I was pregnant. FACIALS!!! As in once a week regular facials… I usually schedule them on my last working day of a no shoot, event and no make up day. I can’t stress the importance of this because it’s a MUST to maintain, rejuvenate and clear up my skin.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio at The Aivee Institute

The first on my treatment list was Renew 360 Plus: It’s a 3 step process: Resurface, Renew and Rebalance. Step 1: Resurface is done through a Diamond Peel. It strips of the old skin cells. Step 2: Renew is through Revlite. It’s a laser that lightens pigmentation, minimizes pores and brings out that “glow”. Step 3: Rebalance is IPL Intense to reduce redness and to rejuvenate the skin. The effects were immediate. I felt my skin tighten… the next day my pores seemed smaller and my skin was less oily. Loved it!!!

Cat Arambulo-Antonio The Aivee Institute

Another favorite beauty treatment is Picosure and uggggggggggh… I can’t believe I need to put a temporary hold on this because it really gives me that “PicoGLOW”. Picosure is a machine that uses picosecond laser. In my terms and experience.. it zapped by sunspots, pigmentation, minimized my pores and tightened my skin. Let’s just say that I felt like a new person, had great skin and I looked like I just had a face-lift without the surgery or downtime… fresh, glowing and tight in all the right places. Waaaaaaah… I really really need this in my life.


Here I am a few days after my Picosure procedure with no foundation or powder. The only make up I have on is concealer, lipstick, eyeliner and of course I just had to draw my eyebrows on. haha! But look at my skin… it to my previous photo I posted when I first came in for treatment. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!


Without further adieu, I want to introduce to you the woman behind my skin and body treatments: Dra. Aivee Aguilar-Teo. Isn’t she sooooo fab??!


And THIIIIIIIS is the Fort Bonifacio clinic: my home away from home. Isn’t it gorgeous and grand??! And you know what… at first I kinda felt bad that I can no longer continue Picosure or Renew 360 treatments because I was pregnant –BUUUUT– after speaking with Dra. Aivee, she told me that there are still a series of beauty treatments that I can still do that are safe, will make me look and feel good and will be a perfect way to maintain my skin throughout my pregnancy. I can’t wait to share with you my Safe Beauty Program for Pregnant Women. I just love being one of Dra. Aivee’s women.. nothing beats being part of the #AiveeLeague. MORE on my blog soon…wait for it!

Lesson learned: Don’t wait for your skin to turn bad before you visit your dermatologist. The key to youthful skin and that healthy glow is through regular facials, constant maintenance and just do everything you can to prolong the ageing process.. and that includes a healthy lifestyle and diet. And for me – that starts as early as NOW! Actually I’m a few years behind but Thank God I’m still not at THAT point of no return. Hope you had a lovely weekend. Stay beautiful!

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