June 18, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Last week I was invited by Tasha Santos & Kriska Ramos of Benefit to go on a semi-lunch but full on Bene Face date with their National Brow Artist, Celina Fernandez. Woohoo! Make-up advice from experts is always a MUST!!!


Of course fellow bloggers/BeneGals Yuki Tansengco and Nikita Conwi joined in the fun too!

02-Benefit BENEFIT Cat Arambulo

After our semi-lunch date we moved to the Benefit Boutique in Greenbelt. Ooohh-lala, I couldn’t help but get all giddy because not only were we doing to my eyebrow transformation.. we were going to do the whole shebang with a full on Benefit Make-Over. Now were talking…


First thing’s first, Celina prepared all of the essentials to give me an everyday,easy to apply look. Here’s what we used:


1. Remove It Make-Up Remover. Of course since I arrived with my concealer and eyebrows on she had to remove it. Duh. hahaha!

2. Triple Performing Emulsion. It hydrates the skin & it’s non-greasy. Perfect for me since I have very oily skin!

3. It’s Potent Eye Cream. The It’s Potent Eye Cream is used to brighten the eyes and fade dark circles.

BENEFIT Cat Arambulo-Antonio and Celina Fernandez


4. the POREfessional. Ok so the POREfessional is one of my favourites! It minimizes the appearances of pores making your skin look flawless. MUST!

BENEFIT Cat Arambulo-Antonio

For the Liquid Foundation and Powder Shade, we used Honey! Flawless.. right??!

BENEFIT: Cat Arambulo-Antonio

I just had to include this photo because I wanted you to see the difference between having relatively no eyebrows to TADAAAA… learning the art of Benefit Brow Mapping! Notice my natural untouched eyebrows.. it’s sparse, thin and uneven. YIKES.


Luckily Benefit has come up with Brow Mapping. THIS is your guide to getting gorgeous eyebrows!

Step 1: Slimming Effectiveness starts by measuring and aligning your brush from the dimple of your nose to the start of your eyebrow. Then Mark it. This will also balance your eyes…


Step 2: Arch. Creating your arch is measuring from the edge of your nose through your pupil. Mark it because this will give you an instant eye lift!


Step 3: End of your brow. Measure from tip of your nose and parallel outside of your eye then mark it because it will give you an instant eye opening effect.


As for the thickness, it really depends on the kind of look your going for so start filling in those spots, blend and color away!


The High Brow really turns the brows into WOWS because it highlights them giving it more definition.


Watt’s’ Up Highlighter is amazing. I love the dewy look with a natural glow especially by my eyes. Remember, “Your eyes are the window to your SOUL”. So personally, I love to emphasize my eyes all the time! Apply the Watt’s Up Highlighter on your temple, cheekbones and blend. It highlights the shape of your face and definitely makes the focus of attention to your eyes.


Eyeliner Stomping. We used “they’re real! push-up eyeliner” and the method to apply it is by -stomping- which is by drawing 3 lines then connecting it. It’s amazing because using this and applying it through the stomping technique you get the liner as close to the lashes as possible for a more natural yet defined look!


To finish off the look and seal it all in we used the “ultra-radiance facial rehydrating mist”.  So refreshing!!!


So here it is…. the fruits of our BENEFIT Face Date.What do you think? How do I look??


Thank you to the BENEFIT Team especially to Tasha, Kriska and Celina for a fun afternoon, of teaching us how to do our eyebrows and for giving us soooo much BENEFIT beauty loot to take home. Nothing beats learning and spending the day with experts. Brow mapping, CHECK!

BENEFIT  is located in Greenbelt 5 Makati City | Photos by Yuki Tansengco

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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