December 10, 2014
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
Categories: Fashion


I thought I learned my lesson from my all white hike outfit the day before so I decided to wear ALL BLACK for the highlight of our trip: the hike to the Tiger’s Nest .


THAAAAT didn’t pan out too well. I ended up looking like a gray dust ball! hahaha!!!


Note to self: NEVER WEAR BLACK when hiking! I never really gave it much thought that I would accumulate so much dust. In hindsight, I was actually better off wearing my all white outfit with only the soles of my shoes dirty or at most a few skid marks on my pants.

05-Bhutan-Black 01-Bhutan-Black

In the end, my outfit malfunction was secondary because we had the time of our life. We hiked for 7 hours, 12 kilometres and 1400 flights of stairs and made it all the way to the Tiger’s Nest. WHAT AN ADVENTURE!


Although next time I MIGHT opt to wear sneakers and a tracksuit. (OH MY.. my pet peeve is wearing gym clothes out of the gym or studio, eeeeep!). Hmmmmm… on second thought… maybe turning out to look like a dustball isn’t THAAAT bad. haha!

Top by H&M | Pants by H&M | Jacket by Duvetica | Belt by Bottega Veneta | Shoes by Emilio Pucci | Sunglasses by Chanel | Trapper Hat has No Brand

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Fashion
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