How to Burn 500 Calories

January 19, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I’m a very athletic person. I used to run 5k a day, go to the gym almost everyday, take PlanaForma, Barrè and kickboxing classes, plyometrics & circuit training, ultimate frisbee, golf and horseback riding (which I’m not really good at but its very good exercise). BUUUUUT I never lost 2lbs of water weight in one day.


I’m always up to try something new ESPECIALLY if it’s introduced to me as “burning 500 calories”. hahaha! Perfect timing, my friend Bianca King invited me to join a Hot Primary Yoga class at her new business venture, Beyond Rockwell. Exciting!


Little did I know that our class was going to be filmed, televised and was with a room of ALL celebrities. OMG! As soon as I entered the Beyond Yoga studio, I was about to walk right out but Bianca and my long time friend Ruffa Gutierrez saw me already. I had no choice but to stay and power through it. haha!


The calm before the storm. I actually didn’t read the “Hot” in the Primary Yoga part so naturally I wore my Pompadour hair…I’ve never tested it in a heated room so I must admit that I was bit nervous to see how it would look after the class. eeeeeeeeeep!

04-Beyond-Yoga 05-Beyond-Yoga

Our instructor Al Galang jumpstarted the class by giving us the low down on yoga, our body and heat.  As per Bianca, “Once you start to understand yourself more and become one with the heat, your body becomes so easy to work with. The heat helps loosen the joints and muscles. The buckets of sweat that flow out of you cools your body making the heat not noticeable at all. It also teaches you to embrace your body as hot yoga is best practiced with very little clothing on. You will find that allowing your skin to breathe is much more comfortable than the discomfort you feel when baring some skin. In hot yoga, there is no judging.”


In other words, clothing is actually a distraction and the less we wear, the more fluid we can move, the more comfortable we are and it will feel better to sweat it out. Again, NO JUDGING!

08-Beyond-Yoga 09-Beyond-Yoga

I must admit, at first I didn’t think I would survive the class especially since I’ve never been really good in yoga nor do I like heated rooms.. but in this case, the energy of the class & Al was invigorating!


And you know what… I DID IT. We all made it through the Hot Primary Yoga class.. drenched but revitalized and stronger. I actually weighed my self before the class and checked the scale again after.. I didn’t just lose 500 calories but I lost 2 lbs. WOW!!! And oh… my hair survived the whole class too!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!

14-Beyond-Yoga 15-Beyond-Yoga16-Beyond-Yoga

Of course Bianca wouldn’t let us leave with out powering up with the healthy spread she had prepared. I must say, the class was good and food had never tasted better.. ESPECIALLY after our workout. YUM!!!

12-Beyond-Yoga 13-Beyond-Yoga

I may not have known everyone in the class before we started BUUUUUUUT after taking yoga to a whole new level, I think we know each other well enough to have shared an intensely amazing experience together. Hot Primary Yoga class is HARDCORE!


No one left empty handed.. check out the bag full of goodies we all went home with. My favourite is our Beyond Yoga card because now I can practice any of their classes, any time, unlimited and FREE for the year. Yahoooo!!! I’ll definitely be going there this week because I need to lose all the weight I gained over the long holiday.


Oh and did I mention that our class was held in the Beyond Rockwell branch?! So perfect!

19-Beyond-Yoga 20-Beyond-Yoga

Doesn’t their studio look fab?! I love it.


Leaving you all with some information on the classes & prices that Beyond offers. For more details contact:

Beyond Rockwell | 3F 38 Rockwell Drive corner Palma Street, Rockwell Centre, Makati | 0998.999.7625 | 0917.522.9449 | +632.808.2061 |

I hope to see you all there. Thank you again Bianca & Andrea for having me. I can’t wait to continue my practice… NOW is the perfect time to start bringing sexy back. And I just have to add a BEAUTY TIP: the sweat doesn’t only make you lose water weight but it brings out a beautiful healthy glow. New year, NEW YOU. Let’s GO!!!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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