October 12, 2014
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
Categories: Interiors


One of the things I wanted to incorporate when we were designing our home was my fashion style. I love anything and everything in black and white – always timeless and very basic. Having a black or white/ black and white palette is the perfect base for a little color that will definitely make any statement piece, POP! In my case, my statement color staples are red, metallic silver and metallic gold.  Why? I like red, silver and gold not only because of its color but because of the energy it’s associated with. To be specific, I don’t like any shade of red, it has to be FIRE RED. Like me, fire red is a very strong and emotionally intense color that represents love and passion. SILVER because it looks very sleek, modern and exudes a more sophisticated vibe. And gold because GOLD is BOLD!


Preparing a mood board of the things you like or anything that inspires you is important. If you know what kind of mood you want to create, what story you want to tell then it will make your accessory & furniture selection process so much easier. Staying on track with a particular theme in mind and with pieces that tickle your fancy will create the perfect dialogue and will most likely be an interesting conversation piece for you and your guests.


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Interiors
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