A Celebration of Faith

January 12, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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We all know that politics and religion is a VERY sensitive topic. I don’t know much about politics but I do know a lot about my religion, I strongly believe in my faith and I’m proud of it!


I was born to Catholic parents, baptized and would like to believe that I’ve been living a very Christian (Christ-like) life or at least I TRY to… uhhhhmmm.. most of the time. I think it is important for every child to have a religion. I feel that people who are God-fearing conduct themselves better because they are accountable to a being greater than themselves. In my case, when all else fails.. it’s my faith in God that gets me through everything!


Preparing for Asher’s baptism was a BIG thing. He’s the first grandchild on my husband’s side, the first boy on my side and baptism is the first sacrament that he will ever receive.. it’s an initiation into the life of a child of God. The first of the FIRSTS!

06-Christening 03-Asher-Christening

At 3 months old, Asher Arambulo Antonio was baptized into the family of God by Rev. Fr. Joel E. Sulse on July 7, 2012 at Sanctuario De San Antonio Parish Church.


THE GODPARENTS. The selection process was tough because we want God parents that are ready to fulfil their duties to guide Asher into a Christian life. For us, God parents must be qualified family members especially since it’s a life journey and long term commitment.

Did you you know that the God parents selected (1) Must be of the same religion (Catholic) and (2) The Baptismal God parents must be the same God parents through out a person’s life especially when they receive the other sacraments??

I recently learned that when I attended my daughter’s confirmation seminar that the sole purpose of a God parent is to lead a child into living a Christian life in receiving ALL the sacraments: baptism, communion, confirmation and eventually marriage. INTENSE! Now that I know this, I think we’ll have an even more difficult time selecting God parents for our next child.


Luckily Asher didn’t cry thoughout the ceremony. In fact, he was smiling… A LOT! I guess he’s really living up to his name.. ASHER which means “blessed”, “happy” and “fortunate”. (OMMMMMG…my blush in the photo..major overkill and I just noticed it now. hahaha! Don’t mind me but look at that little guy’s smile!)


The ceremony was short, sweet and we kept the celebration small. We were so glad that our family and a few of our friends were able to welcome Asher into the Christian World!

07-Baptism 08-Baptism 09-Baptism 011-Baptism

The sun was out, energy was great and we were in the company of our loved ones. It was truly the perfect day to celebrate life, love and our faith. We’re so BLESSED!


Here’s a sneak peek into Asher’s Baptism Reception… I’ll be revealing the intricate details, styling and my secret weapon into making all my ideas come to life. STAY TUNED!!!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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