March 14, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I’m probably not the most “practical” mom when it comes to my children’s outfits -especially when it comes to their shoes and accessories. But believe it or not, I’m actually a smart shopper and I always optimize my purchases by using it over and over and over again.


I believe that the minute you step out of your bedroom, you should be presentable to face any guest that happens to drop by. When you step out of your home you should look your best so you feel that you are at your best too. For some reason, your attitude follows. (Or that could just be me. haha!) But THAAAT is why as early as 6 months, I was already training Asher to wear shoes, bowties and to be impeccably dressed at all times… whether its to step out for ice cream, go to my parents house or run a quick errand. Looking good takes a lot of discipline and makes no excuses!


WHY?? Because I learned the second time around. Before my daughter Danielle turned one, I didn’t know any better and would let her go around the house in her diapers, bare feet and a loose shirt because it was comfortable. During one of my trips I got her a pair of Prada shoes and she refused to wear it (or any pair of shoes for that matter). During her first birthday and the many times I would take her out, she would pull off her clips and before we even left the house she would take off her shoes AND socks. And that is when I realized that children need to be trained, YOUNG!

01-Children's-Salon 03-Children's-Salon

Fast forward to Asher: I treat him the same way I would want to be treated. I take as much time styling him as I would for myself. I shop for him just the same way I shop. I make it a point to invest in high quality items that can be mixed, matched and be worn in countless ways.


There is no online boutique that does that like Childrensalon. It’s such a well curated boutique that has all of my favorite designer brands like Armani Junior, Young Versace, Dior, Hugo Boss, Fendi, Gucci Kids among others. The best part.. they will ship it to you in whatever part of the world you’re in – 7 days or sometimes even less. Oh and it gets better.. it’s delivered to your doorstep! How cool is that??


Who says kids can’t get down, dirty and run in their designer clothes and shoes??!

08-Children's-Salon 08-Childern's-Salon

If there’s one thing I can guarantee.. designer clothes, shoes and accessories are made with the best materials, craftsmanship and quality. They are so durable and last! In fact, this is Asher’s second pair of white designer shoes. He outgrew his white Gucci Kids loafers after a year which still looks fairly new considering it was VERY much used. I have all the photos to prove it! haha.

Bottom line: You can never be too old OR too young to look good. When it comes to being stylish, I say – “Start them young!”

Top by Armani Junior | Pants by Armani Junior | Belt by Armani Junior | Shoes by Young Versace | Bowtie by Asher

Visit  to see the full collection.

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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