December 22, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I can’t help but get giddy as I remember my little guest appearance on CNN’s HEADLINE NEWS last October 29, 2015 a few days before my first year anniversary as a self declared blogger.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Here are some behind the scenes before I stepped out into the REAL WORLD of being on the news…WAAAAAAAH! Exciting!!!

Cat-Arambulo-Antonio-on-CNN-Philippines CNN-Philippines-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio-&-Claire-Celdran BTS-Claire-Celdran-and-Cat-Arambulo-Anrtonio Claire-Celdran-&-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio

I’m amazed by how the hosts of Headline News manage to stay so fresh and fabulous so early in the morning. My call time in the studio was 7am which meant I was up having my hair and make up done as early as 4am. Major career!

Cat-Arambulo-Antonio-on-CNN-Philippines-Headline-News CatArambulo-Antonio-on-HEADLINE-NEWS

And you know what? I was not alone. My super supportive husband was there to cheer me on. He was the one who took all the photos plus a video of the actual television screen while we were airing. So sweet!

Here’s my 6 minutes of fame on the news:

Thanks for taking time out to join me as I pat myself on the back and bask in this accomplishment. haha!

Til my next post…



Special thanks to Celine Gabriel-Lim for connecting CNN’s Claire Caldron-Rodriguez and I. It was truly a 2015 defining moment for me!

Hair by Felicity Son | Make Up by Raf Manosca of MAC Cosmetics | Outfit by JC Buendia from Vito Studio

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Fashion, Motherhood, Press