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May 13, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I’m a very late bloomer when it comes to beauty products and make-up. I only started using skin care -moisturizer and applying eye cream- after I had Asher… and uhmmmm.. I was 32 years old. Eeeeep! I figured since my skin is naturally oily, why moisturize. Gosh…WRONG! My age and old lifestyle is catching up…


When it comes to make-up, I very rarely experiment especially since the brands I’ve been using are still the same ones I had since college. But recently -because of my blog- I opened myself to the wonderful world of beauty products and make up! Like I said, I’ve become a guniea pig – trying and testing – EVERYTHING that comes my way. haha!


Welcome to the exquisite world of Dior Beauty. And for those unfamiliar with the brand, Dior is the famous fashion house of french couturier – Christian Dior. Dior Beauty is such an amazing extension of their brand. LOVE!

Cristina Madara

Meet image consultant and beauty expert: Cristina Madara, who taught us about “Face Wardrobing”. In a nutshell it’s dressing your face. I just love how beauty and fashion is co-dependent!

Dara Roa

Dior’s make up model was Dara David-Roa. Isn’t she flawless??!  In this photo Cristina tells us about Dior’s Liquid Foundation on how the consistency is SUPER liquid. She advises that the best application is with bare hands because it is absorbed fast. I love the fact that it’s a skincare and primer in one.. and LOOK: the coverage is light as air!

Cristina Madara & Dara David Roa

Another favorite was Diorskin Star Concealer. It’s a high definition foundation that’s perfect for special events, photoshoots, videography and pretty much anything that requires a camera. THIS is what I need… MAJOR cover up! Tip: Use a large brush for a natural finish.

Cat Arambulo

I couldn’t help but admire the pretty set up and got a few styling tips from Nicole Limos, Town & Country’s Beauty Editor.

Agoo bengzon, The Misty Mom, Nicole Hernandez, Cat Arambulo-Antonio 09-Dior

Beauties and beauty experts getting a taste of Dior’s top 10.

Yukin Tansengko, Cat Arambulo

We definitely had a “Girls Just Wana Have Fun” moment. And oh and I simply love Miss Dior scent… I wore it today!

Christian Dior

All in a day’s work with these fabulous ladies and gentleman. Congratulations to the Dior team for an amazing afternoon!

Stay tuned to the first Dior Beauty Boutique opening in June 2015. We have exclusive access and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Photos Courtesy of Amy Peng | Cybil Juarez | Yuki Tansengko  | Shot on Location in Lusso | Florals by Te Amo

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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