June 9, 2016
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I remembering one of my teachers quoting Albert Einstein in one of my child psychology classes saying, “Logic will get you through A to Z. An imagination will take you everywhere!”.

Imagination fosters cognitive, social development and critical thinking. I mean come on, I’m sure we all want to raise our children to reach their highest intellectual, social and emotional potentials, right?!

So the big question is: How do we fire up our child’s imagination?

1) Pretend Play

When a child pretends to be an astronaut, pirate, pilot etc. he tries on lots of different roles and organizes his thoughts, while developing social and verbal skills.

2) The Great Outdoors

The benefits of nature are endless. I remember pretending to cook bugs on a leaf and use the branches as chopsticks. Haha!

3) Travel

It’s never to early to expose your child to different cultures, languages, food and people. As my grandparents used to tell me, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!”.

4) Encourage Art Activities

Equip you child with tools to show their creativity. Art doesn’t only enhance a child’s fine motor skills but it also practices focus, concentration and allows them to express their emotions.

5) Read to them and exchange stories

Reading about someone else’s story sets the tone about sharing your own. It enhances a child’s thought process by thinking about other senarios. Our favorite part of story telling is… creating and imagining our own ending!

Asher has an intense love affair with airplanes. I asked him to create a story about a pirate and this is what he came up with. He decided to mix Disney stories: Planes & Jake and The Never Land Pirates integrated into one story.

And this is how his story goes — Watch Asher briefly narrate his story below…

Asher’s Planes & Pirates Video

Does your child have a big imagination with a story to tell? If they do, Disney Junior wants to hear them!

Disney Junior will select three creative and magical story submissions and bring them to life -AND- show them on Disney Junior.


1. Visit DisneyJuniorAsia/AnimateYourImagination

2. Talk about your child’s imaginative story using one of the following themes:

Pirates, Princesses or Space Adventure

3. Share a photo of your child’s drawing online or a video of them narrating the story.

4. Tune in to Disney Junior to see the animations.

Creative stories will be accepted until June 12, 2016.

I can’t wait to hear about the stories your kids will come up with too.

Til my next post… Best of Luck!


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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