June 6, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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For me, distressed and ripped jeans is not really a trend- I’ve been using it on and off again ever since 1998. Would you believe that I still have the same pair of jeans that I ripped back in high school? It actually still makes an apparition every now and then.  AND GUESS WHAT??? It’s the same pair of jeans that you’ll see in the photos below.


My dad actually caught me making this pair of jeans back in the day. During that time I was using a paper cutter (to rip it), ice pick (to try to get the threads out) and sandpaper (to make it look distressed). I don’t even want to go into what my dad thought much less what he said: in his head, I’ve lost my mind. Well… I guess… some things never change! hahaha!

Cat Arambulo DIY Distressed Jeans

Luckily people now-a-days have blogs to refer to -OR- if you’re lucky, be invited to join a rip and repair workshop with Lee Jeans. Woooohooo! I seriously jumped at this opportunity when I received the invite and was one of the first to arrive. I definitely wanted to graduate with honours or at least be teacher’s pet for THIS! LOL. (Note: The jeans that I’m wearing… THAT’s my first pair of jeans that I ripped and attempted to distress myself). Not bad right?!


But based on what I learned, there’s a better, easier and more PRO way of doing it. Here’s what you need and HOW:

1. Chalk. Use the chalk to mark the areas you want ripped and distressed.

DIY-Distressed-Jeans by Cat Arambulo

2. Rubber pattern (optional). You can cut out a rubber pattern to insert inside the jeans so that the other side won’t be punctured or affected.


3. High performance rotary tool. This is the KEY! You can buy this in True Value, MC Home Depot, Wilcon or your local hardware. The high performance rotary tool with the sand paper like attachment is what you’ll need to distress or rip your jeans. NOTE: The more pressure you apply, the more distressed and ripped your jeans get.

DIY-Distressed-Jeans by Cat Arambulo 05-DIY-Distressed-Jeans

4. Cheese Grater (Optional). You can also use a grater to distress your jeans too.

DIY-Distressed-Jeans by Cat Arambulo

5. Steel Brush. You see the threads and white parts of the jeans? That’s where your steel brush comes in so brush until you reach your desired look. I REALLY LOVE THIS!!!

DIY-Distressed-Jeans by Cat Arambulo

Are you ready for this???

DIY-Distressed-Jeans by Cat Arambulo

TADAAAAAAA! Rips, tears and distressed in all the right places. What do you think??? Here’s a little advice based on experience: the longer wear you jeans, the older and more “distressed” it will become. It may sound gross and unhygienic -BUT-personally, I love re-using my jeans a couple of times before I have them washed for a more “worn” look!

DIY-Distressed-Jeans by Yuki Tansengko and Cat Arambulo-Antonio

It was definitely a fun and very productive afternoon. Here’s my friend Yuki Tansengco and I presenting our new pair of ripped, distressed and super cool pair of jeans.

Thank you Lee Jeans Philippines for having us!


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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