January 4, 2018
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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What’s a great activity to do with kids in Lake Placid at -21° and snow?

Take them on a dog sled ride on Mirror Lake!

The first day we arrived at Lake Placid, we were told that there was no dog sledding that day because dogs weren’t out. We were instructed to just keep checking everyday since the dog sledding team didn’t have definite schedule. It all depended on the weather, the lake and the dogs. Plus, no reservations & it was first come first serve.

At 10am the next morning, we decided to check out the dog sledding area right before heading to the mountain to snowboard. And luckily, we saw the sign!!!

The kids were so happy!!! Hahaha! Ok and us too.

And guess what?? We were the first. We just had to wait around 30 mins for the dog sledding team to set up. My husband and I were dying in the -21° cold weather. My kids, OMG… they were having a blast playing in the snow!

Tip: When travelling to snow + windchill weather… PREPARE! Layers of clothing (Columbia Thermals and Uniqlo Heat Tech is key), down jackets, snowsuits since its waterproof, a beanie, thick gloves and a face mask is key. Trust me the wind chill is painful!

The dogs are here. According to the owners, the dogs are marathon dogs. They’re well fed and well taken cared of. They look tiny, but boy are the strong!

Seating arrangements… tallest person last. And you’re in a straddle position.

It costs $10/ person. The ride last for less than 5 min. You basically just go around in a big circle. But the experience and view is priceless!

Check out snippets of our experience, here:

Another TIP: UGGS and thermal socks don’t cut it. I suggest you bring toe warmers and hand warmers too coz it’s freezing!

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- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Motherhood, Travel