January 5, 2018
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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For the past years, we usually kick off our cold weather travels in Hong Kong around late November or early December when temperatures drop to around 17°.

During this time, it’s easy because it’s just a matter of a single layer of clothing plus a jacket to keep you warm.

This Christmas, we decided to brave it out in NYC. When we landed, it was pretty cold but not freezing!

Here’s the outfit for 5-11° weather. Without their beanies. haha! Kids generate so much heat when they’re active so they were sweating already and took it off. Hahaha!

At 5-11° they’re wearing:

Top: Uniqlo Heat Tech Themal, thick sweater for alana/inner jacket layer from H&M for Asher and a thick down jacket.

Bottom: A layer of heat tech leggings and skinny jeans from H&M for Asher. 2 layers of heat tech leggings for Alana plus tights.

Shoes: Socks and Dr. Kong sneakers.

Head protection: Beanie

Alana in her Looping Squizz Stroller. Still happy and comfortable!

This was our last memory of the city before heading off to colder and snowy weather in Lake Placid.

Boom. This is what -21° snowy weather looked like. Note: It felt colder because of the wind chill.



It’s not so bad if you’re dressed for it. Especially the kids!

Asher’s dress like this because he’s going snowboarding. Nevertheless, he needs to brave it out in -21° to -27° weather coz he’s going up the mountain.

On Asher:

Top: 1 layer heat tech, 1 layer columbia thermal, 1 inner jacket from H&M.

Bottom: 1 layer of heat tech leggings, 1 layer of columbia thermals.

Columbia Snowsuit with suspenders

Moncler Downjacket




Snowboard boots

Burton snow gloves (not in the photo)

On Alana:

Top: 1 layer heat tech, 1 layer turtle neck, a thick sweater

Bottom: tights and 2 layers of heat tech leggings

Columbia Snowsuit (its waterproof)

Moncler Down Jacket

Burton Snow Gloves


Scarf since we couldn’t find a face mask her size


UGG boots

The kids had a blast. Since they’re running and playing so much, the cold doesn’t really bother them that much. So lucky!

Ok this is not necessary but I just had to post Alana rocking her fur. I’ll do a separate mini feature for this. Hahaha!

Ok so when we got back to the city, the weather wasn’t as comfortable as it was when we first arrived. This is what -6° in Midtown Manhattan look like for Alana…

We used our Looping Squizz Stroller for this trip. We have a stroller thermal blanket which we bought online several years back (it was Ashers) and the mosquito net we turned around use the plastic part to protect Alana from the wind chill.

In a nut shell, if you’re travelling to cold snowy weather… prepare! Here’s my list of key essentials:

  1. 1) Thermals from Columbia or Heat Tech from Uniqlo
  2. 2. A Snowsuit, Down Jacket and Snow Gloves coz it protects you from the cold + it’s waterproof too!

3. Facemask to protect you from the windchill.

4. Beanie and Ear Muffs


Ok so this beanie we bought on the street for $10. Asher broke it in less than 10 minutes. Hahaha!

5. Handwarmers and Toe warmers

Those toe warmers saved my feet from frost bite. No joke!!!

You can buy this locally in True Value or for sure they’ll have it in the supermarkets and drug stores if you’re travelling to the US.

TIP: It’s activated by oxygen. So leave out first until it warms up then put it in your jacket pocket for your hands and on the top of your toes (above your socks) for your feet.

Til my next post.. STAY WARM!!!


In the meantime, you can check out my little cheat sheet so you can visualize the layers.

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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