ESPRIT: Makes a comeback

May 20, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I was born in the 80’s and lived in Los Angeles: I used to worship Esprit- back in the day. With the influx of so many brands coming into the country and in the world, I’ve settled for buying trendy pieces at lower cost and less quality. In my terms: disposable fashion!

06-Esprit Esprit

When I was asked to collaborate with Esprit, the first thing that popped into my mind was: OMG…ESPRIT! Whatever happened to that brand?! So before I could commit to the project, I went to the Esprit Boutique in Rockwell to check out the merchandise. Obviously I can’t write NOR wear anything that I’m not feeling… AND GUESS WHAT??? I felt like I reunited with an old friend only this time around we are both cooler, trendier and more hip!

Cat Arambulo ESPRIT

As basic as white shorts and a striped shirt maybe, it’s the cut of the clothes that makes a difference. ESPRIT clothes fit so well! Oh and guys, let’s remember that I’m NOT a model: I just love fashion, dressing up and living in style.

Cat Arambulo in Esprit

Back to basics. White clothes should be staples in everyone’s wardrobe because you can mix and match them with anything! One thing I love about ESPRIT is that the materials they use are of good quality and can be used over again. Let’s face it, “disposable fashion” brands tend to run or even fade after a few washes – I even have some white shirts that turned yellow after a short time! Yikes.

Cat Arambulo in Esprit

Clothes are best at its simplest form and it’s all in the styling and accessories that make a difference. Notice the white sling bag? Try holding it versus slinging it for a more polished look.

Cat Arambulo for Esprit

Bags, basic tank tops and denim are meant to be repeated. You can seriously mix and match them in so many ways! Try using your denim more than once without washing them for a more “worn” look… a bit gross but oh so comfy. I do it all the time, haha! *Wink*

Cat Arambulo for Esprit

And the prints? Ugh so cute! And I must say, so comfortable.

Cat Arambulo for Esprit

Check out the difference of what a nice pair of high heels can make. From a cool & casual to chic & sexy look, instantly! You might even want to consider using a bright red bag to make your look pop. Life’s too short for boring outfits!

Cat Arambulo for ESPRIT

LAST LOOK. Fashion is all about dressing up, having fun and making your outfit talk. It’s always good to have a basic palette and good quality clothes so you could mix-match, recycle and REPEAT. At the end of the day, my love for fashion is just as much as I can get value for my hard earned money. ESPRIT, I’m so glad you made a come back. For us, love is definitely better the second time around!

(Clothes & bags are from the NEW Spring/Summer Collection of ESPRIT which will be available in stores on Friday, May 22, 2015.)


I also want to invite you as ESPRIT showcases their Spring/Summer Collection in their new inspirational lighthouse concept store THIS FRIDAY at Glorietta 3, Makati City.  Please see invite for details.

I hope to see you there!!!

Photos by MJ Suayan | Styled by ME | Assistant Styling by Danielle Nicole A. Antonio | Hair by Felicity Son | Make Up Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics by Pia Reyes | ALL clothes & bags are from the NEW Spring/Summer Collection of ESPRIT which will be available in stores THIS FRIDAY: May 22, 2015.

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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