March 9, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Happy Monday! I’ve been wanting to share more beauty, makeup advice and tips for quite some time but I couldn’t figure out which direction I wanted to go and how to approach it since I’m not a beauty expert NOR do I wear loads of makeup unless it’s for a photoshoot or a major event.  And when I do wear makeup, it’s usually the same colors – applied in almost the same way, ALL THE TIME. For me, ‘My Favorite Look” is like my default button because it’s safe, I’m so used to it and I’m comfortable in it. Although I do have to admit that it’s actually… uuuhhhmm…. B-O-R-I-N-G and I felt that it was not really worth sharing. haha!


THAAAAAT’S when I realized that I needed to think of a more creative way to give you new looks. *DRUM ROLLL PLEASE* I’ve been dying to share my new partnership…. a team that I’ve actually worked with for years, I have collaborated with them when I was still a Fashion Director for Channel [V] Philippines, my favourite make up artist Pong Niu is with them and when I do wear make-up, it’s usually this brand. I’m pleased, actually it’s more like, I’m ecstatic to announce my new partner for this topic in my beauty section with… *DRUM ROLL AGAIN PLEASE*… MAC Cosmetics!!!


As far as we know it, locally, a personal face chart made up regularly, on a blog at least, hasn’t been done before. I’m all for trying new things and I live to be different! For me, there’s still no other make-up brand that is as fashion forward and edgy as MAC. It’s a match made in heaven.. or should I say, over brunch in Toby’s Estate. hahahaha!


So here it is: the newest addition to my blog… MY OWN FACE CHART!!! In this section, I am going to come out of my shell, experiment with more color and the best part… I’m going to test all of MAC’s new collections and share the NEW LOOKS!!! Isn’t it exciting???! Oh and don’t get me wrong… IF and WHEN I do encounter other beauty products and makeup brands that I feel is blog-worthy and within my standards, I will definitely share them…… BUUUUT my face chart will be exclusive to MAC Cosmetics for the rest of the year.


You think I did it myself??? NO WAY. I tried.. and tried.. and failed. But believe me, I’ve been trying to do it for a few months now until I decided to just asked MAC if they wanted to work with me on this since I was using their products anyway. For some reason, I can apply the make-up on my own face but I don’t have the hands, skill nor technique to apply it on my face chart. EEEEEP. So with out further adieu, I want to introduce the artist who will be responsible for making my face chart come to life: Raf Manosca from MAC Cosmetics in Rockwell. Isn’t he AMAZING???!

So YEEEEES please expect my beauty section to be more active with updates on new make up, looks and I’m still thinking if it’s necessary that I share ALL my beauty secrets coz then it will no longer be a SECRET! :-P

Email me your beauty requests to and so I know what to share with you!

FaceChart by Peterich Chiu Wan | Make up by Raf Manosca | MAC Cosmetics

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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