May 6, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I use to wear my nails long all the time! The only time I would cut it is if I was wakeboarding or when Asher was a newborn baby. But for golf, tennis, my horseback riding phase and going to the gym – long nails, I don’t care. I feel sexy and can do anything with them.. even when I travel. Oh and by the way, they’re REAL!


Last night, my heart was officially broken. I only started using gel nail polish early this year and yesterday I read an article saying that the UV light used to cure the gel nail polish could be cancerous (but so is almost everything in this world.. even stress right?!). But before I share the article I read, let me give you MY personal thoughts and experiences with gel nail polish.

Cat Arambulo

The Process. Expect to spend 1.5-2 hours to have gel manicure done. It usually lasts for 2 weeks or you can even stretch it to 3 weeks depending on you threshold to see the space of the nail regrowth. I’ve tried 3 weeks when we were travelling and attempted to paint in the spaces – YUCK. Note: It also depends on how fast your nail grows.

03-Gel 04-Gel-Polish

Gel Nail Polish Removal. These photos are the first time I ever had the gel nail polish removed. I was actually quite scared of the process since I felt like my nails were becoming thinner: the nail artisan’s had to file, scrape and soak my nails/fingertips into a solution wrapped with foil for the gel nail polish to be removed. It stings just a tad bit! But then again, it beats having to go to the salon every week to have my nails done.


The Procedure. Basic cleaning then the nail artisan applies the polish and puts your hand under the UV light for a few seconds or until the light automatically turns off. It’s done 2-3 times until the a special final coat is applied and you put your hand again under the UV light for another run. I repeat it an extra time just to make sure it completely cures and is ready to go!


1) When I had long nails BEFORE it actually strengthened my long nails during THAT time because the consistency of the gel nail polish is thicker than usual.

2) Nail polish doesn’t chip, crack or smudge.

3) Your completely hands free after your gel mani-pedi and can even wear your shoes right after the procedure.

4) Perfect for traveling, going to the beach and doing your daily activities.

5) It’s cost effective since I can last 2 weeks with my gel manicure and pedicure. No touch ups!


1) 1.5-2 hours. I get ADD whenever I need to go to the parlor or salon. It takes too long! haha.

2) It has to be applied properly or the edges lift. Go to a well trainer manicurist or a reliable salon.

3) Removal. I just don’t like the process!

4) When I rested my nails with NO POLISH… that’s when I noticed my nails became dry and brittle. My nails would crack even when they were short! So sad.

5. And now the article. Read Doctors Warning on Gel Nail Polish Danger to know more.

When I realized that my nails had become dry and brittle, I resumed normal programming: weekly parlor trips with regular nail polish. BUT for beach trips and times that I would travel: Gel Nail Polish was the way to go. I just never had the chance to try and grow my nails back again!


Possible Alternative. Today, Sally Hansen sent me an early mother’s day gift to help rehabilitate and strengthen my nails – PERFECT TIMING. And this morning I called my mom about the article and she advised to use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel since it requires NO UV LIGHT to dry. I can’t wait to test out her stash!

To know more about: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I’ll let you know how it goes so we can exchange tips and reviews, soon!

Shot on location in Nail Tropics Century City Mall Unit L314, Cinema Level, Kalayaan Ave., Makati City

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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