May 15, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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THE PEREFCT TAN. Ahhhh this is something that I’m quite versed in since I’m as pale as a ghost and it takes me FOREVER to tan. Believe me… I’ve tried it all. From tanning beds, spray tan, sunless tanning lotion and even beer. ALL FAKE! For me, it smells (literally) and looks a little orange-y! Nothing beats the glow and the golden color that the sun can give.

Maui Babe

I’m naturally fair skinned so I usually get red, burnt then shed like a snake during the first week I try to tan. It usually takes me a few beach weekends and constant baking sessions to achieve that sun-kissed golden brown tan. It’s work. A LOT OF WORK!

Cat Arambulo

Until I discovered Maui Babe and my other tanning essentials. I swear by this and have been using Maui Babe for years! I used to order Maui Babe and hoard from friends coming back from Hawaii… then eventually it was available on Amazon… and NOW.. FINALLY… it’s available in Manila. Yahooooooo!!! The only downside, the color sticks to my swimsuit. hehe! But don’t worry coz it eventually washes off. My advice: wear a dark colored swimsuit!

Cat Arambulo

BUUUT here’s the thing…the after care is as much work as tanning. WHY??? Because the last thing you want is to peel, be blotchy and look as red as a tomato.

Here are a few of my tanning tips:

1) Protect your skin with ALOT of sunblock. We want to get dark and NOT get skin cancer! I use Maui Babe & various other brands with stronger SPF.

2) Maui Babe… Maui Babe.. Maui Babe! Pile it on and keep re-applying.

3) I don’t really sun-bathe and flip sides. I walk! The last time I tried baking on one side then flip to the other, I was darker on my back than my front. haha!

4) Salt water + Maui Babe will give you THAT golden color. For some reason my tan is very dull when I soak in a chlorinated pool!

5) Every time you go in and out of the water apply sunblock and Maui Babe generously.

6) After care: I always apply cool Aloe Vera especially on my shoulders and chest because they usually get burnt the most. It will soothe the areas and make it less painful! (Tip: Put it in the fridge so it’s cold when you apply it. You can thank me later. haha!)

7) Moisturize: You need to seal in the tan and keep the moisture in. I recently discovered Hei Poa and I didn’t peel at all – AMAZING! (Tip: Apply it right after you shower). The Maui Babe After Browning Lotion prolongs the tan life. MUST!

Cat Arambulo

Here’s a little Flashback Friday: The last time I worked on my tan before the recent photos I posted was during my wedding (4 years ago). Uggggggh… what I would give to have that sun-kissed golden color! Happy Tanning.

Maui Babe is currently available in Strip | Browhaus | Common Thread

Photos by Danielle Nicole A. Antonio | Wedding Photo by Pat Dy

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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