February 9, 2018
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I LOVE interior design BUT I’m coming clean. I hate doing the Construction Phase of it. So much for my intensive training, Interior Design degree and honors. Haha!

You can read about my experience in PSID , here: Life as an Mommy Interior Design Student

But… BUT I must say that I’m actually using alot of the things I learned from interior design school. PSID was INTENSE and has trained my eye well. I just really really try to delay going to the construction site until it’s close to the Finishing Phase ~ even for our house! 🤦🏻‍♀️


Personally, I view a space like how I would visualize a person. A person’s style speaks for them. And that’s why I think it’s very important that a space has character!

A person with Interior Design background knows that the “personality” of a space is crucial. It is achieved through the details like finishing choices, material selection, different textures, symmetry, assymetry, an interplay of various heights, furniture selection etc. and making it all compliment eachother.

But I guess the big question is:  How can a person with no interior design background or someone who doesn’t want to hire a professional Interior Designer add more “character” to a furnished space?

The answer is relatively simple. It’s all about the details. Just Accessorize!!!


Yesterday I made my way to Global View is Vertis North, Quezon City.


Get your wallets ready because I’m giving you guys a virtual tour into the store.


From the door, I already spotted a coffee table that I fancy.


It’s a cross between a bottle cap of the old Coke Cola and a part of a car. Too cool, right?!


Fun, quirky and ecclectic. I’m not fond of whimsical designs or color BUT I do appreciate the unique shapes, mix of textures and the interplay of metals. Check out what I spotted from accross the room…


A white cowhide with gold trim mirror. Ugh, it’s stunning!!!


What about this? It catches your eye, right? I love it!


Now this is my kind of art. Exquisite. Bauhaus Squatting Ballerina. It reminds me of Alana. Haha!


And take a look at the details of this marvelous chair. It’s a definitely a statement piece!


Left to Right: Designer Julia Buckingham and Global Views President Jo Lim 

Here’s Global Views President Jo Lim with Designer Julia Buckingham. Yes, that Wiggle Chair is designed by THE Julia Buckingham.


And here’s the beauty about Global Views. Aside from their in house collection, they have collaborations with key personalities in the Interior Design industry who designs exclusive collections for Global Views.


Cool, calm and collected. This is a sight for the perfect connversation room. I’m a fan of symmetry!


I’m sure you can spot at least one thing from this area that you can’t wait to bring home. I want at least five of them. Haha!


OMG. This area is screaming at me. Buy me, BUY ME!!!!!!!!!!

Look at this. Uggggh! So much personality.


Art Deco with a modern twist. It’s sooooo fabulous!


What about these crystal candle holders? To die for.


This head sculpture was totally talking to me. My type!!!

Interior Design Tip: Always have an interesting conversation piece in your space. It can easily break the ice!


I’m eyeing this carpet too!

And since I can’t help myself, I made a list and narrowed it down to my TOP 10 GLOBAL VIEWS MUST HAVES. So here it goes:

1) Wiggle Dining Room Chair by Julila Buckingham


Julia Buckingham Wiggle Dinning Chair 51.44cm W x 107.95cm H x 45.72 Deep ₱201,687.00

2) Crimp Mirror


Measurements 104.14cm Dia. x 10.16cm Deep ₱137,004.00

3)  Gold Accessories


Prices start from Urchin ₱1,730 to Faceted Vace 10” ₱11,305.00

4) Beauty Ice Bucket


Measurements 24.13cm Dia. x 45.72cm H ₱45,913.00

5) Kyoto Chest


Measurements 91.44cm W x 73.66cm H x 48.26cm Deep ₱242,083

6) Churchill Box w/ Oval Handle


Measurements 14” L x 10” W x 5” H (5.2 lbs) ₱33,681.00

7) Grid Block Bar Cart


Measurements 91.44cm L x 40.64cm W x 106.68cm H ₱138,259.00

8) Biba Lamp


Measurements 38.74cm Dia. x 78.74cm H ₱100,738.00

9) Gold Band Glasses & Mirrored Tray


Gold Band Glasses (set of 8): Measurements 2.75” Dia x 5.5”H ₱25,537.00

Mirrored Tray: Measurements 46.34 Dia. X 3.81cm H ₱13.612.00

10) Artisan Jewelry Box











Meaurements: Small 12”L x 6.75”W x 6”H ₱19,139.00 and Large 14”L x 8.75”W x 7”H ₱21,289.00

Trust me, these photos don’t do these items any justice. I highly recommend you visit Global Views for yourself!

Please Note: Indent order takes around 3-4 weeks. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Double Note: Prices are regulated by Global Views HQ. It’s better to buy it in Manila, less the hassle. And guaranteed in good conditon.

*I’ve ordered accessories from the US and had them shipped to Manila before. Some were damaged and customs was a b*tch!


Congratulations to the dynamic duo, Joy & Franklin Lim. I can’t wait to shop for my new home.

Til me next post… add a little glam and alot of personality into your space!




Global Views Showroom

Shangri-La, Fort Bonifacio: Unit2F5, Shangri-la Fort, 30th cor 5th Ave, BGC, Taguig City

Vertis North, Quezon City: 3rd Floor, Vertis North, Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City

Global Views Social Media Accounts

Facebook – Global Views Philippines 
Instagram – @globalviewsph

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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