June 12, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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No one knows how to indulge in life’s pleasures, luxuries and enjoy such a sweet life more than the woman behind, The Spoiled Mummy: Grace Barbers-Baja. The Spoiled Mummy blog as Manila knows it is about Grace sharing her passion for food, travel, tips on how to host fabulous parties and if you follow her on Instagram – she encourages women to enjoy in simple pleasures, live a happy life and her daily quotes inspire other women to stay strong & always be positive.


“People say it’s the generation of the supermom. I say it’s the generation of The Spoiled Mummy! Because I think all mommy’s deserve to be spoiled.”

Grace Barbers-Baja

I’ve never been fond of the color pink or “girly” scents but blogger and famous homemaker Grace Barbers-Baja a.k.a. The Spoiled Mummy does it quite tastefully. I want you to meet Grace Barbers-Baja… THHEEE Spoiled Mummy… turned businesswoman, entrepreneur, creative director, chemist, marketing director.. haha! And the list goes on and on.. BUT today, I want to share something that she’s been secretly working on for the past 6 months, her latest passion project and new baby: GRACE HOME!

03-Grace-Home Grace Home

The other day, Grace invited me over for brunch.. it may have been a bit rude BUT I wanted to know her guest list. haha! I’m not really a fan of “Ladies who lunch (and gossip)!”.  I would rather hangout with the boys OR be surrounded by dynamic women, talking about business ventures or brainstorming on ways to improve thy self or our OWN lives – I simply just love to be with like-minded people who are positive, successful, continuing to move upwards and always forward. BUUUUT I also am in full support of full time mothers, bloggers and have high respect to women who know how to empower themselves -ok fine, PLUUS- I wanted to get spoiled by The Spoiled Mummy *WINK*… so without knowing more than half the women there – I went! ANNNND you know what??? It was wonderful! I met a lot of new mommy bloggers and we spent the early afternoon talking about our kids, blogs and Grace’s new passion project- LOVED IT!!! So without further adieu, I want to present to you: GRACE HOME!

Grace Home

Candles. The Grace Home candles are made from beeswax, hand poured and are produced locally. It took 6 months to formulate and develop the perfect scent… oh and speaking of the scent: the oils used were sourced from Italy and France. LIMITED!

The candles come in 3 of Grace’s favorite scents: Talc, Rose and Basil. Here’s why: Talc because it’s the bottle baby scent which is a reminder of her children. Rose because it is the scent of a women, timeless and represents beauty. And Basil because it is Grace’s favorite herb and it balances Talc & Rose.


Room Fragrance. The room fragrance come in a chic frosted glass bottle which is nice enough to display. The oils are sourced from France and come in 2 scents: Talc & Vanilla AND Olive & Milk. The Talc & Vanilla is a sweet and powdery scent that is perfect for the bedroom. While the Olive & Milk (my personal favorite) is refreshing, light and has a touch of lavender. It’s perfect for the kitchen and bathrooms!


Note Cards. With this day and digital age… I still prefer a nice handwritten note! Grace loves to collect stationary and paper which she usually has to buy and hoard abroad. THIS is what led her to develop her own line of notecards so that it would be available locally. Her choice: A touch of gold, a chocolate dipped strawberry (it’s her favorite fruit) and champagne (a reminder to celebrate life).


Now this… THIIIIS is another part of GRACE HOME that is sourced, personally packed (by her hubby) and curated by Grace during her travels. The product range and items will constantly change depending on which part of the world The Spoiled Mummy is shopping in. I’m totally looking forward to this one!

08-Grace-Home Grace Home

These are the items that she was able to get from her trip to Turkey. Ugggh: look at those prints! Grace admits that she’s having a hard time letting go of most of the items. Uh-OH!!! So my advice: hurry and buy it before she changes her mind!


Due to popular demand, Grace has decided to host an impromptu trunk show TOMORROW before she flies off again to her next Spoiled Mummy vacation. Get your cash, credit cards ready to indulge yourself  – bring a little bit of GRACE HOME into your home because it’s about time you reward yourself by getting spoiled by no less than THHHE Spoiled Mummy!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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