How to Buy an Hermes Birkin

December 12, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Many people are baffled by how to purchase the world’s most coveted bag, Hermes Birkin. Trust me, no matter how much money you have and are prepared to shop – not everyone is lucky enough to waltz into an Hermes store and be able to buy a Birkin. I know this first hand since I’ve been rejected and been given the sarcastic laughs, “No stocks” or “Do you want me to place you on the 2-3 year waitlist” line one too many times in Hermes Boutiques all around the world.


But since this is the season of giving, I wanted to share with you a few of my personal experiences, secrets and tips of how to get your hands on an Hermes Birkin:

Hermes NY Madison Ave

1. Network not Net Worth. My very first Hermes Birkin was from the Hermes Madison Store in New York. And NO, I wasn’t able to get it by myself. In fact, I went to the store and was rejected, twice. The same day, a special relative of mine who has her sales associate on speed dial went to the store and was taken into a private room where she viewed a few Birkins that they had in stock – we scored. My special relative is a regular and gets if not all but most of her accessories & bags from the Madison Ave. Boutique. TIP: Build a relationship with your local Hermes Boutique.

Hermes St. Tropez

2. Accessories before Birkin. My first experience of seeing the Birkin strategy come to play was at the Hermes Boutique in St. Tropez, France. My very wealthy friend parked his yacht near the Hermes store and taught us the ropes which consisted of three days of being consistent, kind and by spending a few thousands of Euros on accessories before asking for a Birkin. And truth be told, his spending on accessories and speaking in french did pay off because the Manager personally took care of us on the second floor and showed us a Hermes Birkin 35 in white, Kelly 35 in black and a Croc Birkin 30 Hermes Poussiere which of course he bought for his girlfriend at that time.

According to the Boutique Manager and security, we had to be very discreet when other customers were on the same floor viewing the other accessories because they were not on the “privilege list”. She also said that not all sales associates are allowed to present Birkins, Kellys & Constance to customers. I guess we were just very strategically lucky to have been dealing with the Boutique Manager. *WINK* TIP: Stay cool and be prepared to spend. Plus pray for a lot of luck!


3. Exquisite Manila. I’ve been looking for an Hermes Birkin 30 PWH in Black for such a long time. My special relative wasn’t able to get it in New York nor did they have stock of it in St. Tropez so the hunt was on. After a few months of searching, I was finally able to get it from a trusted reseller, Tet Rodriguez – the owner Exquisite Manila.

Store fresh from Rue du Fabourg, Saint Honore Boutique in Paris and hand-carried all the way to Manila – I finally got my bag. Just a little heads up, it’s always more expensive to buy an Hermes Birkin from a reseller and you can expect to pay more that twice the price than purchasing the bag from a Hermes Boutique. But believe me, for most Hermes Birkin collectors and fanatics – it’s not about the money!


Here’s what to expect when you’re unboxing a brand new, store fresh Hermes Birkin from the Hermes Boutique & reseller such as Exquisite Manila.

Hermes-Birkin-Paris Hermes-Birkin-30

A dust bag, lock & key and raincoat. Yes, the Birkin has a raincoat! More details below..

Hermes-Birkin-Plastic Birkin-Plastic

I’ve never loved plastic and the smell of leather so much. All the hardware is covered with plastic!

Hermes-Lock Hermes-Codes

I’ll leave the authentication to the bag experts but expect to see that the engraving on the hardware is thin and refined, the bag’s stamp is clean, uniform and the cutout of the inside seam is very neat.

Hermes-Birkin-Accessories Hermes-Birkin-RaincoatHermes-Birkin-in-a-raincoat

How cute is its little raincoat?


So if your ready to buy an Hermes Birkin, have the cash but no luck and can’t wait 2-3 years from getting it personally from the Boutique, Exquisite Manila is the key. Of course I will always recommend that you purchase a brand new, store fresh bag but for those on a budget, they also have pre-loved and vintage bags too!

For more details visit Exquisite Manila in Serendra +632.552.2868 | Eastwood +632.650.6424 | Follow Exquisite Manila on Instagram @exquisitemanila

I would love to hear about your Hermes experiences too. Email me at so we could exchange stories!



- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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