December 31, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I can’t believe I was able to power through and survive -27 degrees Celsius weather in Harbin, ALIVE! No seriously, you can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia if you don’t bundle up and protect yourself properly.


Here are a few tips to stay warm and comfortable when travelling to a place that is freezing cold.

1. Clothing – Thermals, sweaters and heat tech tops & bottoms. The key: LAYER IT! Personally, I used 5 layers for my top and 3 layers on my bottom (excluding my coat).

2. Head – Protect your head because the cold wind is painful. My kids doubled up with a beanie and fur hat.

3. Gloves and Ear Muffs – Ever hear of ears and fingers falling off when its too cold? In extreme frostbite cases, that can happen if you don’t cover them properly- blood circulation slows down and tissue dies. Gang green, OUCH!

4. Coats – Your final layer should be either a down jacket or a fur coat to seal the warmth in.

5. Warmers – Hand, foot and body warmers are air-activated, single use heat packs that provide long lasting heat. The ones we had lasted for 5-8 hours. You also can purchase some that lasts up to 20 hours. TIP: Wear it in your gloves or in your pockets to maximize its effect. You can purchase it online, here: Heat Factory Hand and Body Warmers

6. Face – A scarf or winter face mask does wonders. I didn’t have any of those but I did use an extra layer of fur to hide my face under. The wind chills damages the skin and it’s as painful as being sunburnt.

7. Sunglasses – Protect you eyes with a good pair of sunnies or if you’re hardcore wear ski googles.

8. Shoes – I wore 2 layers of socks plus snow boots. A pair of Uggs is also a great alternative. My kids say that it’s the most comfortable pair of shoes they’ve worn in their life and love it!

9. Hot Soup or a Warm Drink – I took advantage of this at the Snow Carnival. I devoured the instant noodles and drank all the soup even if I didn’t like the taste. Haha! It did serve its purpose of filling me up and keeping my body warm.

10. Digital Products – ┬áBring a spare battery and put your cellphone and/or camera in a bag or pockets that are close to your body. The batteries are easily affected by low temperature so its important to keep it warm so it doesn’t run out too quickly!

I hope these tips help you stay happy in freezing cold weather coz I had to experience it first hand to be able to figure out how to handle it. Brrrrrrr!

Til my next post… Have a fabulous New Years Eve!


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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