May 1, 2016
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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After I gave birth to Alana, I made it a point to hibernate and hide from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those super moms who can just give birth and hop right back into the social circuit looking better than ever.

chanel boutique

I on the other hand, need time. I need to get my schedule on track and lose all the baby weight I packed on during my pregnancy. But luckily, on one fine day, I received a message from Mica Agdamag of Rustan’s Beauty Source inviting me for a one-on-one makeover by Cathy Xiao from Chanel Singapore.


It was literally everything I needed in just one sentence. Makeover, Chanel and one-on-one. Perfect! And since I’m exclusively breastfeeding, I only had 2 hours… and guess what?? With Cathy presenting just all the basic essentials I need for my on the go life, we did the whole makeover in less than an hour.

Here’s what we used:


Chanel’s new Skincare Line.

Chanel Brushes

Don’t be intimidated by all these brushes. We only used the following:

2 in 1 Foundation Brush #8

Concealer Brush #10

Angeled Powder Brush #2

Blush Brush #4

DSC01613 DSC01619 DSC01617

And for an easy, everyday yet polished look these are the products we used:

Le Blanc de Chanel

Les Beiges Foundation #20

Le Blanc Whitening Concealer #20

Eclat Lumiere #20 Les Beiges Powder N30

Joves Contraste #72 Rose Initial

Inimitable WP #10

Ecriture de Chanel #10

Illusion D’Ombre Iridescent #12


And of course a pop of color with Rougue Coco Styo #208.


So what do you think??

Chanel Gel Nail Polish

Oh and for my nails, I just wanted to share my new favorite, the Le Gel Coat. It’s a Gel top coat that you apply over any Chanel nail polish. It gives the same effect of gel nail polish but without the harmful UV light. The best part, it lasts long and dries so fast too!

Til my next post…



Oh and if you happen to stop by Chanel Singapore and need some make up tips, visit:


Special thanks to Dexter De Guia for some of the photos! Ü

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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