June 23, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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After 2 weeks of back to back surprises, I can finally focus, fully absorb and share the news: I’M PREGNANT!!! Yup you heard me right… Danielle & Asher will be having a little brother or sister soon. Yippee YAY!!!

Cat Arambulo-Antonio Pregnant

Honestly, this pregnancy was planned but still came to me as a surprise, pleasant surprise. I just didn’t expect to get pregnant 2 months after Carlo & I decided that we were ready for another child: Baby A. (YEEES, he or she will definitely have their name start with a letter “A”. WHY? Because to tell you quite frankly, I’m not feeling my initials CAA or Danielle’s DAA, haha! But for some reason AAA just sounds and looks nice when you monogram it. haha!). At the moment, I’m still trying to wrap my head around being pregnant again since I wasn’t exactly prepared for it. To start: I’ve been using a corset to cinch my waist at home and even to sleep. I’ve been going to skin rehab at The Aivee Institute with a whole program of amazing skin and body treatments that Dr. Aivee prepared for me (I will share this with you, soon!), I have back to back shoots, events, travel plans, kid’s schedules  and just so much work that I’m barely catching up on — so here I go again — just like my Interior Design days… Check out “Life as a MOMMY & PSID Student“. Uggggggh… let’s do this one last time: superwoman powers, TURN ON!

Cat Arambulo-Antonio Pregnant

Since this is already my third pregnancy, I pretty much know the drill about chemicals, fumes and the extra precautionary measures I need to take with the food I eat or products I apply on my skin. So in the meantime, I’ll miss you ikura and sushi… I can’t wait to see you again oysters… good bye laser treatments… sayonara gel nail polish for travelling.. and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah  —My Signature Pompadour Hair— THIIIS is where the real tears roll down my face and I cry like a baby. My haaaiiiiirrr….Buuuuhuuuuuhuuuuuu!

So while I try to slow down, get back on track and figure out how to transition into being full on “pregnant woman” mode, follow me on Instagram @catarambulo with Baby A’s hashtag #CatsBunInTheOven.

I’ll be sharing everything I’m relearning, new baby or mommy discoveries and ideas, personal tips on beauty treatments while pregnant – pregnant fashion looks – and of course anything to make this pregnancy.. smooth, effortless and as fun as possible.

To all of my pregnant friends, fellow pregnant mommies, Baby A’s batch mates: Let’s rock being pregnant in style!!!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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