July 8, 2016
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Hola! As promised, I’m back online to tell you about my day…

Today, I woke up early and took a trip all the way to Balintawak to checkout Landers. Insane right? It’s 8,000 sqm of shopping space with a coffee shop, bakery and fast food joint.

Allow me to take you through this superstore. But before we shop, we need to get a membership first!

All you need to do is fill up the form and decide which type of membership you want:

Premium Membership (personal) costs P800/year. You can have 1 extension card which will cost P400.

Corporate Membership costs P1000/year. You can have up to 4 extension cards which will cost P400 each.

Landers is offering a promotional 20% off memberships until September 15, 2016.

Got mine. So just come  with me and let’s go shopping!!!

Where do I begin?? Landers has it all!

Overwhelming right?!

I guess we’re having Wagyu tonight! *wink*

I love their organic section..Quinoa Spaghetti noodles? Yum.

And they also have Stevia. Perfect! This is the healthiest alternative to sweeten up your life.

Wine displayed in wine barrels. So chic!

Merlot ice cream. Wow!

They even have these Crème Brûlée minis for those who need to have something sweet after their meals.

Yoplait is my ultimate favorite yougurt. It totally brings me back to my life in America. Love love love!

Oh and I forgot to mention that 80% of the items sold at Landers are imported -BUT- they do have some local goods too. Hello Vita Coco!

If only I knew how to bake. Landers has a pretty good selection of baking supplies…

And tools..

OMG. I grew up on Kool-Aid when I was a kid in LA. I didn’t know they had a gelatin mix now too.

Taking a trip down memory lane with these..

And look, they even have S’Mores Oreos…. Hayayayay! Temptation galore.

The Nutella was bigger than my head and heavier than the weights I’m used to carrying. Booyah!

But don’t worry because they have healthier options too. Haha!

You can’t go wrong with stocking up on white towels.

Kleenex designed by Isaac Izrahi was an interesting choice. Got a few for my car since I love the print!

Ok so I got a little side tracked here… I didn’t know that their were so many options of lubricants and condoms. Haha!

Look at how neatly arranged the clothing sections is….

They actually had a lot of items for kids too but these gift baskets caught my attention the most.

Landers is the only place in Manila that has the detergent we used in the States and even more. Coolness!

Jessica Alba’s The Honest Co. line is available in Landers too. Awesome!

Another kiddie essential. Hurt free wound cleanser is so much better than alcohol. No sting!

To all the mommas who have been asking me where to buy alcohol free styling gel for their kids hair… Here you go!!!

Landers also has your furry friends covered.

Crazy selection right? Now I want to take you to Lander’s notable food areas: Dough and Co., Doppio and Landers Central.

Dough & Co. is their bakery. Everything is made fresh, daily.

Doppio is their coffee shop. The muffins are amazing!

And last but definitely not the least, Landers Central.

My co-blogger Alexis and I couldn’t help but take photos of their packaging…

Here’s a closer look…

I went home full from the Manhattan Cheese Pizza and fried chicken. Yum!

Check out my healthy Landers loot!

Thank you for having me Landers. I can’t wait to come back and shop again for MORE. It’s definitely a SUPER store!

Til my next post… Happy weekend!


Landers Superstore  is located at 1240 EDSA Balintawak Apolonio Samson Q.C.

Store Hours: 9am-9pm from Monday – Sunday (Including Holidays)

Follow them on Instgram @landersph

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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