Let’s Play Golf

November 21, 2014
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I grew up in a family of avid golfers. My grandparents loved the sport so much that they travelled around the world to try out different golf courses. Luckily, my husband Carlo and daughter Danielle is into playing golf too. In fact, Danielle was invited to join the Governor’s Youth Athletics Invitational Golf Tournament hosted by Governor Eddie Baza Calvo in Guam.


In full support of Danielle’s tournament, I’m dedicating today’s #AsherStyle post to golf.


Having a 10 year age gap makes it so much easier for Asher and Danielle to to get along. Asher looks up to his big sister and loves to copy and do everything she does. Hence, when Danielle fell in love with the the sport and became part of the JGFP (Junior Golf Federation of the Philippines), Asher too got his own set of golf clubs and uniforms to match.

Asher-Golf-4 Asher-3

I strongly believe in the saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground!” that’s why I make it a point to always have various extra curricular activities lined up for the kids. I’m hoping that their love and involvement in sports will not only enhance their skills but also teach them the values of working hard and learning how practice makes perfect (or at least a bit easier!). From my personal experience, being dedicated to a sport taught me discipline, self-control (power of the mind) and it kept me out of trouble. In my opinion, you really have to start forming habits young! Golf is the perfect sport because it teaches patience, needs to be practiced regularly (drives a person to constantly improve) and is a sport that you can grow old doing.


Asher’s Golf OOTD

Top is a mini version of Danielle’s uniform | Jeans by Armani Junior | Belt By Armani Junior | Shoes by Converse | Golf Set by U.S. Kids


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Asherstyle, Motherhood
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