November 14, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I’m sure all mothers will agree with me: Sleep is a LUXURY! And I can’t stress enough how much I value my time in bed… it’s SACRED!!!


I’ve worked with Dunlopillo before, love everything they stand for, use and patronize the products they create. That’s why when I was invited back by Dunlopillo to become one of their Mommy Brand Ambassadors, I was over the moon. I mean think about it: everyone needs to rest, recharge and most importantly sleep. And I emphasize on QUALITY sleep!


I used to take sleep for granted when I was a lot younger. I learned to value it, cherish it and prioritize sleep after I got married and had another child. Meet the Dunlopillo babies: Asher, Olivia and Tristan. Don’t be fooled because these little munchkins are a handful…. Raise your hands if you have kids!!! You know what I mean. Haha!


Last October 21, we spent the day with Dunlopillo’s Jam Chan, press and VIP guests for a very intimate affair to feel, see & experience the latest line of Dunlopillo. From the importance of a good pillow to the superior support and comfort of uninterrupted sleep on a good high quality mattress. *Raising my hand right here * With my husband, Asher and another baby on the way – I’m channeling all my energy to “uninterrupted” sleep!


Before I get into the mattresses.. I wanted you to see the pillows. I use the Serene Pillow… I can’t really explain why but I just find the most comfort and feel most relaxed with it: not to firm nor too soft…


This mother-daughter tandem needs no introduction. haha! YEEEES, it’s the most famous celebrity baby on Instgram Olivia with her mommy, radio DJ & host Andi Manzano-Reyes.


The Catleya mattress was their personal preference. WHY? Because of its luxurious box top sign that provides 2 inches of extra cushioning comfort layers. Did you know that the Catleya mattress has nano-silver technology onto the latex surface which gives the ultimate protection against harmful bacteria? The mattress is also made of normablock spring technology which means the inner spring system contours to the body’s spinal shape to provide unsurpassed comfort.


Introducing our other fellow Dunlopillo Ambassador: Meet model and new mother, Kelly Misa-Fernandez and her son Tristan.


Kelly’s mattress of choice was the Lucia. She gravitated to this mattress because of its internal aeration system which promotes efficient ventilation by allowing the inflow and outflow of air through the mattress. We live in a tropical country and the last thing anyone wants its to wake up sweaty from a nap. YUCK!


And last but not the least.. here’s Asher feeling right at home in our well-curated bedroom.


The Dunlopillo team gave us such a warm welcome by personalizing the room not only to each mommy’s taste and style but they also simulated our homes by including our photos too. So sweet & cute!!!


Our mattress of choice was the Decora. My husband & I still co-sleep with our son Asher (No judging please)and now that I’m 7 months pregnant were technically 4 in the bed — the “no sleep disturbance” is sooo important. The mattress is constructed in such a way that even if the other person on the bed moves, the other side of the bed remains stable. So perfect right??! Oh and I just have to say that Asher has really bad asthma which is usually triggered by dust. Luckily, the Dunlopillo mattresses are made with Tala Silver technology which means that it gives the ultimate protection against bacteria. I’m soooo SOLD!!!Nicole-Herenandez-Delos-Angeles,-Kelly-Misa-Fernandez,-Patty-Laurel,-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio

Mommy talk with our friend Nicole Hernandez-Delos Angeles and Patty Laurel-Filart. If there’s one thing that we can all agree on is that spending on a good mattress is investing in our future self. A good night’s rest and quality sleep give us multi-tasking mommies the energy to power through the day, happily! Did you know that a Dunlopillo will last for more than 10 years? Take a moment to think about how much time you and your family actually spends on the bed. 


And without fourth adieu… here’s a little video from me, Asher and Dunlopillo to YOU:



Thank you Jam Chan and Dunlopillo for giving us the sleep that we deserve. THIS is definitely another #DunlopilloMoment!

Dunlopillo’s latest Normablock collection is available at Dunlopillo showrooms at 16 Acropolis Commercial Area | E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Libis Quezon City |EDSA Cubao | MC Home Depot Fort Branch

Photos by Ryan Ong | Follow Dunlopillo Instagram @dunlopilloph

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Events, Interiors, Motherhood