MEGA YDC: Part 1

May 2, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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A day before I arrived back from Boracay, I was asked to attend the MEGA YDC event because I was going to be acknowledged as one of their Most Stylish. I didn’t know that the acknowledgment required us to walk on stage and face over 1,000 guests. *This is where I hold my breath… sigh….. and scream in my head: EEEEEEEEEP. UGH. With my stomach churning upside down and all around*

Cat Arambulo

From my experience, I don’t do well with anything that requires me to walk on stage and be insync with cues – check out what happened to me when I was awarded Best Dressed Woman of the Philippines last year: The Red Dress. hahaha!

Cat Arambulo

In this case, it was a last minute decision to attend the event since I was on holiday with my family in Boracay -BUT- for the love of my MEGA family, we made it back in time. The downside: I didn’t have an outfit nor was there any time to buy or make a one. Ayayay! Fortunately, Tita Ann Ong is on my speed dial and I was able to get one of her statement pieces from her Matchstick Collection to add a little drama my soon to be outfit (I worked my whole look around the necklace. haha!) ANNNND luckily, I was able to book my glam team to help divert the attention from my -impromptu outfit- to my hair and face. Yes, THE famous/infamous Pompadour Hair made another come back that night. haha!

Cat Arambulo

You’ll never guess what I decided to wear?! For those following me on Instagram, doesn’t my top look familiar? It’s actually the bathing suit that I wore 2 out of the 3 days I was in Boracay. I basically wanted to wear something that would work with my tan line – so REPEAT! haha. Another issue was that the back of my legs were pretty sun burnt so I couldn’t have fabric constantly rubbing against my skin NOR could I wear a short dress that the red blotches could be seen. So THIIIIIS is  what I came up with: my super last minute -make shift- MEGA Most Stylish outfit. What do you think?

The MEGA Most Stylish was just a small part of the main event. Stay tuned for my top picks from the MEGA Young Designers Competition 20th year… SOON!

Photos Courtesy of MEGA Magazine

Bathing Suit by L Space | Shorts by No Brand (I bought it in a bazaar) | Cape Dress by Vania Romoff | Shoes by Christian Louboutin |Necklace by Ann Ong | Clutch by Ann Ong | Hair by Felicity Son | Makeup by Pong Niu from MAC Cosmetics

MEGA YDC airs every Sunday at 6pm on ETC | Replays on Wednesday at 10pm 

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Events, Fashion, Motherhood, Press
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