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September 21, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Hola, Happy Monday!!! I don’t usually share my travel stories right after my trips because it usually takes me forever to sort out my photos and get my life back on track -BUT-  there’s always a first.  Hopefully I keep this insta mindset, develop this “habit” and discipline myself in being able to share my travel stories sooner than later! *Fingers are crossed and I’m making a conscious effort to do it!*


Last week, Asher and I tagged along with my husband for a work trip. Well for one thing, Carlo and I never travel a part… and as for Asher.. were enjoying these precious moments that he’s still in play school and can still be pulled out every so often without the fear of him missing so much school work.

Flinder-Street-Station,-Australia Streets-of-Melbourne-Australia

We’ve heard so many wonderful things about Melbourne so we decided that we were going with or without a nanny. Plus the fact that we also didn’t have time to apply for Yaya V’s visa because her passport is still in another embassy being processed for our upcoming trip in October. Sadly, we lacked another set of hands since our 12 year old daughter Danielle couldn’t join us either because it was her exams week… so we mustered the strength and conditioned our minds to just power through! Bahala na!!!


Here’s a little glimpse of Asher exploring the city. And up next…for the first time, I’m actually going to share a restaurant list. Woohoooo!!! Before this pregnancy, I was never really an eat-er because I would rather shop and explore than pack on the calories. haha! So just to make things clear, I’m not a food blogger, foodie (especially since I don’t really cook) nor do I feel the need to hit all the fine dining, gastronomic and Michelin Star restaurants in every city I visit because it’s just not ME (nor is it my husband)… don’t get me wrong, we’ll do a degustation once in awhile but it’s usually with family or friends -but- the truth is were just too impatient to sit through so many courses, it gets expensive and most often than not Carlo goes hungry because the servings are too small. bwahahahahahaha! Were very low maintenance when it comes to food -No Judging!

So without further adieu, I’d like to share our favorite restaurants in Melbourne that were highly recommended by my aussie friends Kim Jones and Cliff Cole. I loved them because not only were they kid friendly, had hefty servings – but they were YUUUMMY!!!


1) STALACTITES RESTAURANT – this Greek resto is a MUUUUUST!!!

Stalactites Stalatites-Greek-Restaurant

This photo was taken 15 minutes before the restaurant was PACKED!!!


Uggggh.. these photos don’t do justice. I can still remember the smell from where I was standing..


I ordered the Hommus and Chicken Giro. When the menu says “chips” they mean french fries! YUM!!!


And of course I had to try my husband Carlo’s order – Lamb and Chicken Soulva. Ugggggggh…… with the rice and the garlic sauce: SOOOOOO GOOD!!!

Stalactites Restaurant is located at 177/183 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | Contact Number:  (03) 9663 3316

2) Top Paddock – Great cafe but not many options for women who are expecting because not all the cheeses are pasteurised, sauces contained raw eggs and most of the eggs on their menu are poached -but- there’s an option of having the eggs thoroughly cooked. BUT it’s not the same!!!


We stayed inside because it was soo cold!


The quinoa and almond flakes were divine!


The soft shell crab was soon good but I only had 2 bites because the mayonnaise contained raw eggs.

Top Paddock is located at 658 Church St. Richmond | Contact Number (03) 9429 4332

3) Chin Chin – No reservations accepted for parties less that 10 pax. We made an attempt to go with my friend Cliff for dinner but the waiting time was 1 hour 30 minutes. My tip: plan for an early lunch or dinner – it’s soo worth it!!!


Dry red curry of sot shell crab, snake beans, thai basil and kaffir lime leaf. My favorite!

Crab-Cakes-at-ChinChin Chin-Chin-in-Melbourne-Australia

So basic but so yummy: wok friend salt and pepper squid nuoc cham and vietnamese mint –AND– the twice cooked grass fed great southern pinnacle beef short ribs. Waaaaaaaah, DROOOOOL!


 Chin Chin Restaurant is located at 125 FLiners Lane Melbourne | Contact Number (613) 8663 2000


St.-Kilda Asher-Antonio-in-St.-Kilda

During our short stay in Melbourne our hotel was located approximately 30 minutes way from the city. We opted to stay there because that’s where Carlo had to get his work done… it was actually quite refreshing because we were right across St. Kilda beach and there was a playground right across our hotel. Asher loved it!


Our favorite near by cafe was phamish.


The healthy way brekky: multigrain toast with avocado, feta and poached eggs, topped with toasted seeds. Does it look sooo good??!


And can you guess who had the not-so- healthy way: hot chocolate with south gippsland free range scrambled eggs on sourdough with grilled chorizo. Aaaaaah!


I couldn’t even take a photo of Asher’s banana nut pancakes because he finished it even before our for arrived. haha! The caramelized banana with the ice cream was amazing!!

Phamish is located at 30 The Esplanade St Kilda Melbourne, Victoria 3182 Directly opposite the mouth of Luna Park & Palais Theatre | Contact Number (03) 9534 3800

Let me know your thoughts on what kind of restaurants from my travels you guys want to see. Fine dining? Affordable? Street food? Email me coz I would love to hear from you. I’m barely getting into this food craze which hopefully will only last while I’m pregnant, haha! My personal goal when I travel is to eat and feel the vibe of how it is to be a local.

Stay tuned to my favorite hot spots in Melbourne, SOON!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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