February 12, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I passed by Century City Mall yesterday and the cinema’s were packed!!! I didn’t realize that Fifty Shades Grey was showing already. Too bad I haven’t read the book yet. Ugggggh!

Asher Antonio

Anyway, the Fifty Shades of Grey premiere is spot on because today’s OOTD is Asher sporting his monotone outfit in all shades of… yup, you guessed it: GRAY! To this day, I still get confused on whether I’m suppose to spell it as grEy or grAy. I’m trying to recall what I learned from my Color Theory class but I think my memory on that topic expired right after I took the test. hahaha!

Asher Antonio Asher Antonio

For my regular readers and the people following my OOTD’s on Instagram, I’m sure by now you know how much I love monotoned outfits. Personally I love a black or a white outfit on myself BUT for kids… I think a more subdued, cool and gray palette is a better fit. For Asher’s OOTD, I applied my “rule of thirds” (Read more on how to tastefully break the monotony of an outfit: Oh and what are your thoughts on UGG’s? I used to own a pair during my younger years and I found them to be so comfortable. As I grew older and my taste in fashion evolved, I began to realize that it didn’t look as good as they felt. haha! BUUUUUUT aren’t they the cutest thing on little people?! Asher loves wearing UGG boots. I think they’re ADORABLE on kids!

Asher Antonio

And to all of Asher’s friends, followers and people sending me messages about his clothes: I’m currently saving all of his outfits because I’m hoping that our next child will be a boy. hahaha! But YEEES… eventually I will have an #AsherStyle sale. Oh and please don’t let all the designer brands deceive you. Most of the time his designer outfits are only a fraction of the actual cost.. you just have to know when to travel, where to go and when the sales are. OR in our case, we just have very generous grandparents, family, friends and now… sponsors. We have so many things coming up so stay tuned.. :)

Top by H&M |Pants by H&M | Vest by Cotton On | Beanie by Armani Junior | Scarf by Armani Junior | Belt by Armani Junior | Shoes by UGG

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Asherstyle, Motherhood
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