January 26, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Happy Monday! I wanted to do a different fashion post today since I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about my hair, make up and outfits especially when I travel. If you’ve been keeping up with my OOTD’s you’ve probably noticed that I tend to stick to neutral colors. If you look closely, I pretty much have one basic style that I keep going back to, always!

Cat Arambulo Neutrals

Here are my looks from three consecutive days in Hong Kong to give you guys a better over view. I took photos in three different spots (one location) wearing different colored outfits that I had merged into one (Thanks to my friend Rainier for editing!). I was a bit lazy to think about my outfits so I used my default method a.k.a. uniform: One style in three different colors creates three different looks. Soooo easy!!! I didn’t even bother changing my sunglasses, necklace, belt or shoes. It’s a major no brainer!

Cat Arambulo Neutrals

WHITE. I can never go wrong with white! I just love how clean, cool and crisp it looks. Don’t you just love the “fur” jacket?! It’s my comfiest yet!

Cat Arambulo Neutrals

GREY. I like wearing grey on days that I feel like roughing it out. To me, it looks a little more rugged. And yes.. I have the same “fur” jacket in grey too!

Cat Arambulo Neutrals

BLACK. Wearing black to me is automatic! It looks so sophisticated no matter what time of the day it is. I love black because it masks my bulges and makes me look thinner than I actually am. haha!

When something fits me well… and if IT falls within my budget, I will always get all the neutral colors. Or at least the black and white version. And maybe red if it’s a nice shade of red! In this case, I simply love my H&M faux-fur jacket especially since I got it in three colors. haha!

A lot of you have been asking me tips on travelling in style.. here’s my big reveal:

Q: Do you bring a hairstylist and make up artist when you travel?

CAT: Are you kidding me?? NO WAY! I don’t have that kind of money or am I THAAAT impractical. I actually take a lot of time out to learn how to do my hair and make up on my own (especially at night.. ask my husband!). My hair and makeup has become such a basic routine since I do it every day. It only takes me 15 minutes for a basic look like my photos above… the higher the hair, the longer it takes. My rule: I never leave my hotel room undone!!! OMG.

Q: How many suitcases do you bring on your trips?

CAT: Believe it or not, I actually pack light. For short trips around Asia, I sometimes even share one suitcase with my husband. For long trips (especially if its cold), I bring two suitcases but the other one is half empty… it’s always a good practice to leave some space for shopping! I don’t like paying for the ridiculous overweight charges of the airlines.

Q: Do you pre-plan your outfits before a trip?

CAT: OF COURSE! I do a mental checklist of the itinerary and my outfits. I pack per day, per look and put them all in packing cubes so that it’s organized. Oh and I always take a photo so I have an archive of the looks I brought especially during long trips! I even try on some of the looks before I pack them just to make sure it still fits during the times I feel I gained a little bit of weight. Oh GOSH!

Q: Do you ever repeat your clothes when you travel?

CAT: HAHAHA! YEEEES. OF COURSE! I actually repeat the style, change the colors then mix them around. Sometimes I really get lazy to think about what to wear especially when I travel with the kids and MOST ESPECIALLY when I plan to shop so I make sure to travel VERY light.

So there you have it… travelling in style made easy. My secret is: One style, different colors will give you a NEW look every time!

Tops by Uniqlo | Pants by H&M | Jackets by H&M | Bag by Stella Mc Carney | Shoes by Jimmy Choo | Belt by Hermes | Sunglasses by House of Harlow

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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