August 9, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Waaaaaaaah!!! I get giddy just thinking about the time when reality show personality, noted fashion photographer, author, spokesperson, filmmaker, and former model… THHHE Nigel Barker was in Manila.


So last June, Nigel Barker was in town for the book signing of his latest book “Models of Influence” and I was one of the fortunate ones to be invited to meet, greet and be one of the first in the line to have my copy signed. Woohooo!


Jam packed. Check out the crowd… FULL HOUSE!!!


I don’t know about you guys but personally I have major photo issues. I’m not a model nor do I know how to work the camera: for those who have seen me trying to take a decent OOTD in public… OMG it takes a gazillion shots before I can land one photo. Annnd now that I’m focused on my blog and constantly working on collaborations it’s my job to take photos that are well composition-ed and NICE… PLUS I have to learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera too. So perfect timing… I took the opportunity to ask, pick the brain and get some tips from no less than: Mr. Nigel Barker!

According to Nigel Barker, social media is power!!! You can’t imagine the number of people it connects, how many modelling jobs are booked and the amount of “business” done because of a person’s Instagram feed. In a nutshell, a person’s Instagram feed is his/her online portfolio.. if it’s interesting enough people will follow.. and if they want to know MORE… they will connect. A blog is another story!


How to do an OOTD (Outfit Of The Day):

Ok.. so here are just a couple of my FAIL OOTD’s. EPIC FAIL…. don’t I look like a stiff tree trunk? AWKWARD!!! And for the MAJOR FAIL.. I tried to angle my arms and legs but for some reason, I don’t seem to look confident NOR comfortable with what I’m doing. hahaha! And finally… notice the BEST POSE.. more angle, fluidity and I actually look happy with how I look.

Nigel’s TIPS:

1. An OOTD is not only about you. It’s about the clothes! Make it speak and be dramatic.

2. Imagine your body to be a pretzel. Angle and curve!

3. Flirt with the camera!


How to do a SELFIE:

Ok.. so look at that FAIL selfie. Straight face, lifeless expression and my face looks fat! The OK selfie is.. well.. o.k. nothing great. The slight tilt made a difference – not enough to differentiate my chin-jaw-neck though… and the expression needs improvement. The BEST ANGLE selfie on the other hand, I’m feeling it!

Nigel’s TIPS:

1. Turtle. To get rid of the double chin, have a more defined jaw and elongated neck… imagine yourself as a turtle coming out of it’s shell. Here’s the steps: head upright, slightly bring it down just enough not to hit the shell and BOOOOOOM! Take that photo.

2. Imagine a piece of chocolate melting in your mouth.

3. Smile with your eyes.

In general for OOTD’s and selfies – it’s all about confidence and strength in character. It’s all in the eyes!!! There’s no point in posting a photo if you don’t have a story to tell. There has to be a message!

Nigel-Barker-Models-of-Influence Nigel-Barker-and-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio

‘Models of Influence’ is a collection of stories of 50 of the most influential women from the 1940s to the present day who reset the course of fashion. I have MY copy and wooohooooo…. I got my photo with Nigel (feeling close, haha!) and I’m having my booked signed!!! Yahooooo!!!

And look who else I spotted at the event:

Ian-Mathay,-Mitch-So,-Anton-San-Diego,-Xandra-Ramos-Padilla,-Nigel-Barker,-Steven-Tagle Dottie-Amante,-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio,-Mika-Lagdameo-Martinez,-Joey-Mead,-Frank-Briones Michelle-Madrigal,-Sam-and-Joanna-Richelle Nigel-Barker,-Fashionpulis-Michael-Lim-and-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio

And guess what…


Waaaaaaaaaah!!! I’m having my MAJOR FAN GIRL MOMENT!!!! Thank you Nigel Barker!!!

Special thanks to Philippine Tatler, Thinline, SM Megamall for inviting me to such a fab event. I’m still on cloud nine just reliving it in my head!

‘Models of Influence’ is available in National Book Store and Powerbooks


Oh and while Nigel Barker was in Manila, he shot the the cover of Philippine Tatler. Check out the issue here: Philippine Tatler Glam Issue

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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