PANORAMA TEST: Healthy Baby Girl

August 12, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I’m so happy to announce… drum roll pleeeease… IT’S OFFICIAL: We’re having  a HEALTHY baby girl!!!


We were suppose to get the results from the Panorama test in 14 business days BUUUUUT because Hi-Precsion Diagnostics Laboratory is AWESOME… we got the results after only 7 days. Woooohoooo… I can finally sleep. I’ve been praying for a healthy baby like crazy!! Ahhhhh.. breeeeathe.


Last July 27, I was invited to a lunch hosted by Hi-Precision Diagnostics Laboratory and they posed a very important question: Are you a reactive or proactive mom? Do you just wait for things to happen then react -OR- are you proactive by anticipating problems and prepare for a brighter future?? OMG.. ME??? TOTALLY PROACTIVE borderline paranoid. Eeeeeep!


And that leads me to the main topic discussed… PANORAMA Pre-Natal Screening. Ok so I must admit that during THAAAT time I was the only pregnant woman there and I was a bit agitated… or should I say very VERY uncomfortable because they were discussing detecting various chromosomal abnormalities of babies still in the womb– ugggggggh — it was not really something I wanted to hear while 11 weeks pregnant. *breathe in… breathe out… RELEAX*

But you know what… the whole discussion was very informative and enlightening. Did you know that it’s not only mothers over 35 years old that have a higher chance of having chromosomal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome and other chromosomal conditions??? YES, these biological conditions can affect women of all ages, regardless of the family issues or history. Now THIIIIIS is where being a PROACTIVE.. or should I say responsible parent comes in..


(The photo above was taken at 6am in the morning. How amazing is it that Hi-Precision Diagnostics also does home service… so convenient. Can you imagine.. 2 vials of blood for Panorama.. that’s all it takes!)

Before taking the test, I was briefed that the Panorama test was amazingly accurate, with a 100 perfect batting average on fetal sex determination and the lowest reported false positive/negative rate for chromosonal conditions. Of course my husband and I discussed everything in depth and we mentally and emotionally prepared ourselves for the outcome of the results…. I mean, WHAT IF.. WHAT IF.. WHAT IF… kept running through our minds.

WHAT IF the results are bad? Don’t get me wrong.. my husband and I are super catholic so of course no matter the outcome, terminating was not an option and we would definitely still continue my pregnancy -BUT- for us it was our piece of mind or the fact that we could be proactive and be prepared for our next course of action for the future health and well-being of our baby in the event that the abnormalities were detected.


WHAT IF the results are bad and it’s a false positive: We spend the rest of the pregnancy preparing, planning and being sad. Poor baby! Stressed.


WHAT IF the results are a false negative??? OMG.


The best option: Everything turns out completely fine and at least we get to know the gender this early on instead of waiting until the 5th month.

In the end, without any real debate, we just wanted to know what to expect, plan and prepare. Plus the false positive/false negative rate was <1% so it’s pretty accurate. And honestly, we just wanted to KNOW!!! At this point, I didn’t care whether we were having a boy or a girl.. we just kept praying hard for a healthy baby. (Still thanking God now!!!)




(So here are my results above. Take note of the Angelan Syndrome “unable to refine risk” – at first I panic-ed but then we called the laboratory and discussed it with our doctors and they said that there’s nothing to worry about.  THANK GOD!!!)

Parents usually have the following choices: (1) No Testing and just wait until the baby comes out. (2) CVS or Amniocentesis which is a more aggressive and invasive approach because they stick a needle to check the tissues and amniotic fluid of the baby. The results are more comprehensive BUT there are more risks and complications such as miscarriage or infection.


(3) NIPT ( Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing) through an ultrasound which doesn’t really detect chromosomal abnormalities – it’s based on the measurements nor is it always 100% about the gender -OR- Panorama Testing which is done with a simple maternal blood extraction. What it basically does is it screens the maternal and fetal DNA. You could read more here: Panorama Testing Common Questions


So FINALLY…this non-invasive test is available in Manila. Now I guess the big question is: are you a proactive or reactive mom??? Personally, I just like to prepare myself inside, outside and try to balance the future and now! Let’s do this MOMMMAS!!! :)

Thank you Mel and HP Diagnostics for taking care of me and my family!!!

For more information contact  Hi-Precision Diagnostics +63 2 863-9999 | | Instagram @hiprecisiondiagnostics | Videos can be found in Hi-Precision Diagnostics Youtube Channel:

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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