December 23, 2014
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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If there’s one thing that is sacred to me throughout the year, it’s giving a gift wrapped with love. I put a lot of thought in picking out a gift for the special people in my life and it takes me a lot of time, effort and a whole lot of love to wrap each gift: personally! I was thrilled when I was asked by Manila Bulletin to share my wrapping techniques and inexpensive tips of wrapping presents.


The Tools

Wrapping Paper | Gift Card with Envelope | Cutting Board | Scissors | Cutter | Glue Gun | Glue Sticks | Matches | Personalized Seal | String or Ribbons | Metallic Marker | Metallic Pen


Measure the size of the package or box to be used so that there’s just enough paper to be folded on every side. I usually crease it with a ruler and cut off the excess paper with a cutter.


Wrap the box tightly and apply pressure to the edges of the box. Crease the wrapping paper to shape the form of the box with your fingers or ruler. Then use the glue gun to stick the flaps. It’s the perfect process to define the box. It will make it look polished!

NOTE: (1) Do not creased it to heavily with a ruler to avoid tearing it. (2) Glue only the paper to paper and not the box.


Use a ribbon or string to accessorize. Be creative and express yourself!

06-The-Perfect-Wrap 08-The-Perfect-Wrap

Today I felt like sealing our gift with our personalized wax seal. Other days I use my personalized sticker.


I always make a handwritten note no matter how short or stupid the message is.



When I wrap a gift, it’s always well thought of, personalized and done with a lot of love. It’s my way sending the message that their gift was bespoke: “The Perfect Wrap” that I made especially for them!

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Special Thanks to Arnel Patawaran | Jacky Oiga | Pinggot Zulueta | Photos Courtesy of Manila Bulletin Lifestyle

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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