March 2, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Happy Monday! I’m so excited to announce and share with you my very first CatArambulo.com challenge. And I must say that the prize is pretty MAJOR!


Last week I was in Emphasis Salon and they.. along with my hair stylist Abby Eclipse, Kérastase and L’Oreal was raving about My Signature Pompadour Hair tutorial video. We were so happy and overwhelmed with the positive reviews and your support that we decided to come up with a contest. Personally, I refer to it more as a CHALLENGE since I think anyone & everyone that wears the “Pompadour Hair” is a winner. But for this challenge, I can only choose ONE lucky yet fearless.. bold and deserving individual who can rock My Signature Pompadour Hair, YOUR STYLE! So YEEES… the challenge is ON: Please send in YOUR version of My Signature Pompadour Hair and get a chance to be pampered by Emphasis Salon, styled by Abby Eclipse and win a gift basket worth P20,000 of products from Kérastase, L’Oreal, a MUST-HAVE teasing comb (not sold in stores) and an assortment of my favourite travel size hairspray (not available locally).


Here are the mechanics of the Pompadour Hair Challenge:

1) Challenge will be from March 1, 2015 until 12 midnight of March 31, 2015.

2) No age or gender restrictions. ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to join!

3) Be as creative as you can possibly be.. quality photos are highly recommended. Try shooting in natural light & have a nice background!

4) I want to see YOUR version of My Pompadour Hair. An amazing outfit is not required BUT I would really appreciate seeing your TOTAL LOOK. (I’ll throw in a BONUS if I choose someone with the total package)

5) Have fun and make your statement without having to talk!

Kindly include your full name, social media accounts and contact information and email your entries to Cat@CatArambulo.com.

I will announce the winner on April 1, 2015 on all my social media accounts & blog.

Remember: The Higher the Hair, The Closer to God.


- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


Categories: Beauty, Events, Fashion, Lifestyle
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