June 1, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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All I can say is FINAAALLY!!! I remember during the early 90’s (my high school days in Assumption),  I was in love with Ralph Lauren and Polo Sport. OMG, when my grandparents were still alive we would travel to Hong Kong 2-3x a year to shop and hoard..especially during their sales in July/August. During our family trips to the US, it was straight to the Ralph Lauren Boutiques/retailers and YEEEES — I always looked forward to going to the Ralph Lauren outlets so I could stretch my allowance/pocket money with more purchases. haha!

Ralph Lauren in Manila

I just have to share THIS but these were just a few of my favorite Ralph Lauren things. Gosh, I even had Ralph Lauren beach towels, a Polo Sport pencil case, coin purse and even socks. I still remember how obsessed I was with “Ralph” just like it was yesterday! I seriously had a Ralph Lauren addiction and bought everything in all styles and colors. Ohhhh ANNND how could I forget those ranger shoes that I wore with an oversized shirt (tucked in) and a baseball cap. I looked like a boy and during that time: I THOUGHT I was the coolest thing around! LOL. LOL.LOL!

Ralph Lauren in Manila Ralph Lauren in Manila

Fast forward. On April 23, 2015, Ralph Lauren opened it’s first boutique in the Philippines. The 3,000 sq/ft space located in Greenbelt 3 is home to Ralph Lauren’s exclusive Black Label & Purple Label Collection.

Ralph Lauren in Manila

And the selection… AMAZING!

Ralph Lauren in Manila

Here’s a glimpse of the men’s line…

Ralph Lauren in Manila Ralph Lauren in Manila

Look at the prints and fit of the clothes. So chic, right? I just love anything and everything in black and white!

Ralph Lauren in Manila 06-Ralph-Lauren

My picks: The earth toned selection and this gold metallic bag! Uggggh, to die for.

Ralph Lauren Invite

“Transportation will be arranged from the store to our after party” – now THIS is how to throw a launch party…

12-Ralph-Lauren Ralph Lauren in Manila: Maseratti

A fleet of Maserati’s picked us up from the Ralph Lauren Boutique in Greenbelt 3 to bring us to the after party in Blackbird. Meet my good friend Mikaela Martinez-Lagdameo’s husband: Chucho. We decided to ride together since our significant others counldn’t join us for this event: Good Times!

10-Ralph-Lauren Ralph Lauren in Manila

I don’t even know how to caption this. Simply said, it was FABULOUS.

Ralph Lauren in Manila

And the guestlist: Manila’s most stylish came out to party, of course!

01-Ralph-Lauren-Guestlist-2 Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Sidney yap, Iza Calzaldo, Linda Ley & raymond Gutierrez Nix Alanon

Truly a grand way to make an entrance, Ralph Lauren. In perfect SSI (Stores Specialist, Inc.) style. Perfection!

Ralph Lauren in Manila

As much as I wanted to stay out late, I had my husband and kids that I needed to run home to. But for everyone else, the night was young and -THIS- was actually the last scene that my memory captured before I left. I also had the pleasure of being introduced to the lovely women of Ralph Lauren who flew in just for the launch.

What an honor to be a part of such an exquisite party: Ralph Lauren, FOREVER!!!

The Ralph Lauren Boutique is located in Greenbelt 3 | Makati City

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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