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August 25, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Gone are my days when I would drive myself and daughter Danielle in my 2-door convertible sports car to have lunch with my grandfather in Manila Golf or hangout with my friends in Manila Polo Club –we literally just had to cross EDSA to get there – and we’d do it: TOP DOWN. Yuuuck, what was I thinking??? That’s pretty gross and so pa-cool! I even clearly remember my dad telling me that we looked stupid driving top down in Manila heat and pollution – saying that we’ll be “amoy araw” and totally stink even before we get to our destination… he even warned me about being robbed when were stopped or someone spitting silva from a passing bus. Haha! *Pulling out the party girl young single mom card here!*


Fast forward: Ever since I got married, started to pop out more kids and have more dogs – our car selection seemed to be getting bigger to accommodate our growing family and new lifestyle. My husband Carlo and I have actualy been looking at the full range of Chevrolet eversince we found out that we were expecting another child. And seredipity -last month, Chevrolet Philippines contacted me, inviting me to collaborate with them as they introduced their new and improved Chevrolet Trailblazer.


I attended the Chevrolet Travel Trails event and since it included dogs, I just HAD to bring Hugs to make an appearance and visit his old teacher from Better Dog, Jojo Isorena.

Hunter-and-Cat-Arambulo-Antonio Jojo-Isorena-from-Better-Dogs

Meet Hunter and Rio – their well behaved and super trained presence made me realize that they’re NOT just a pet but having these furry buddies around is actually a lifestyle. You’ll be amazed by the amount of “tricks” they can do… and I was surprised to see how glady they jumped into their crate – eagerly wanting to go for a ride.

(L-R) Congressman Irwin Tieng, Justin Quirino, Ms. Jennie Cerrada, Ms. Lyn Buena, Mr. Jojo Isorena (Owner of Better Dog Canine Center), Ms. Elsie Pfleider, Mr. Roex Pestano (General Sales Manager, Chevrolet Makati) with dogs Hunter and Rio

Aaaaah.. mesmerized by man’s bestfriend. In the photo: (L-R) Congressman Irwin Tieng, Justin Quirino, Ms. Jennie Cerrada, Ms. Lyn Buena, Mr. Jojo Isorena (Owner of Better Dog Canine Center), Ms. Elsie Pfleider, Mr. Roex Pestano (General Sales Manager, Chevrolet Makati) with dogs Hunter and Rio

Our extended family a.k.a. dogs need to be safe and secured too and I’m happy that the guests from Better Dog taught us proper safety measures when travelling with pets… PLUS we learned more about how perfectly equipped the new Trailblazer is even for our pets.


Check out this black beast, isn’t it a beauty??! The new Trailblazer has an upgraded 2.8 Liter DURAMAX turbo-diesel engine, enhanced visibility- LED projector lamps, dynamic driving technology, 8 crossmember ladder chassis configuration with 800 wading capability, 4×4 drive train with limited slip…. etc.

Danielle-Antonio,-Carlo-Antonio,-Asher-Antonio Cat-Arambulo-Antonio,-Carlo-Antonio,-Asher-Antonio,-Danielle-Antonio

You know what??! Who am I kidding??? I don’t understand any of those details nor do I really care.. as boyish as I am, I’m still a girl.. all I look at is the perfect color, space and the finer details that suit my lifestyle. You can find out more about those specifications here: or Chevrolet Trailblazer . I’m just happy that the Trailblazer that Chevrolet Philippines sent me was a black one. Haha!

Here are the things about the Trailblazer that tickles my fancy:


The SPACE. You can fit 7 full-sized adults or in my case, we can actually fit 5 adults and 3 kids. One amazing thing about the seats are that it’s easily configurable..


Look at the space when all the seats are down and it’s empty. So perfect for A LOT of shopping or you can move furniture around just like a pick-up truck.


Here’s Hugs testing out the crate securely fastened. See the smile on her face with matching tongue out?!


It’s wakeboard ready!!! Not a lot of cars can fit our wakboards… its usually secured on the roof. But how awesome is the Trailblazer – fits perfectly. Camsur CWC Wakepark or Republic, here we come!!


Golf anyone??! Carlo, Danielle and I play golf and it’s fantastic that all our golfclubs fit perfectly with Danielle still having a full seat to sit on in the back.


Travelling is not a problem. ALL of our luggages fit!


The 2nd row is totally not affected but I wanted you to see what it would look like if we added another piece of luggage.


Sunglasses compartment, CHECK!!! If youre going to drive, do it in style.



Ok so these are the things I absolutely LOOOOOOVE – the compartments. There’s probably around 30+ compartments all around the car. If you’re driving and/or shot gun – you’ll love these!!! Plus your drinks will always stay cold since it’s directly infront of the air-conditioner. I just have to say this but I can already imagine placing my baby’s freshly pumped milk there too to keep it cool. Hahaha!


Camaro-inspired blue LED illuminated gauges with a drivers information center is too cool!

Chevy-Information-Center Information-Center-for-Chevy Informtion-Center-for-Chevy-Trailblazer-2015

You pretty much see everytihing you need from the fuel used, it has a timer and even the outside air temperature. Nice!


Ok so THIIIIS is something every driver NEEDS: A reversing camera, rearview mirror with chromatic LCD monitor, dash camera with 32 GB. Get this.. the dash cam can record whatevers in front of your car. AMAAAAZING!


But wait.. THERE’S MOOORE!!! See what’s on your phone screen with the touchscreen display with Mobile Connect – Waze and Spotify. Wooohoooo!! Now THIIIIIIS is a pretty smart car and perfect for my lifestlye!


Thank you Lyn Buana SVP for Marketng and Atty. Albert Arcilla President of Chevrolet Philippines for this expereince and for making this all possible. I love Chevrolet!!!

For more information visit Chevrolet Philippines | | Contact Mr. Walter Ong at +632.5196001 loc 537 | Email

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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