January 5, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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I’ve had my Dyson Pure Cool Link for over a month and I never thought the day would come that I’d get so excited to talk about fan. No seriously, I’m over the moon. haha! If you see what this fan looks like and what it can do, you’ll understand why.

Dyson Pure Cool Link with Alana Antonio

You see that sleek looking machine on your right?? Hello Dyson Pure Cool Link. It’s the chicest fan being sold today. The Dyson Pure Cool Link is blade-less so it’s safe for my 10 month old baby, it’s a fan + air purifier and it has the ability to capture 0.1 Microns aka the particles not visible to the naked eye, thus purifying the air around you. My 4 year old son has Asthma, he hasn’t had an attack since we had this machine in our home. Oh and get this, it is capable of intelligent purification, the material of the unique 360 degree HEPA filter captures harmful particles, while the activated carbon layer captures odours.


It also comes with a magnetic remote which you can conveniently dock on top of the fan. Nice right?


I even made you guys a cheat sheet for the control buttons so you wouldn’t have to go through the manual. Don’t worry, I feel ya. I don’t really like reading manuals either!



Screenshot for the App Store

If you’re loving everything I have to say about the Dyson Pure Cool Link so far, I’m telling you now, it gets even better. There’s a Dyson Link App.

Press play to see my short demonstration on how to connect your iPhone to the Dyson Link App:


Isn’t it the coolest thing ever?? You can actually connect to your machine anytime and from any place as long as you have wi-fi. You can use your mobile phone as the remote, you can schedule cleaning and when you want to turn the unit on/off.


My favorite part, the sensor will tell the app the status of the air quality inside my home. The room that the Dyson Pure Cool Link is in to be exact. FYI I had this room cleaned again just to get the “GOOD”. haha! Mental note: save up so we can put one unit in every room.

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- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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