January 3, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Happy 2015!!! I want to start the year by sharing our Christmas celebration with our little angels from a charity that is very close to our heart, Bahay Maria Orphanage.


Our December schedule was pretty crazy. I was delayed with packing (and even buying) all our gifts, catching up with work because of our travels and I was sick pretty much through Christmas and shortly after.

02-Santa-Asher 01-Santa-Asher

As soon I was feeling better, we were ready to make our BIG SURPRISE! (Only Ms. Rosie.. Bahay Maria Manager.. knew that we were scheduled to come over to surprise the kids)!


As expected the kids all ran to us as soon as they entered the house.


It’s such a great feeling to be able to spend time with our extended little family who we’ve grown to love.


The kids were so excited to get their gifts that Ms. Rosie & I needed to get everyone organized so Santa Asher could distribute each gift.

08-Santa-Asher 07-Santa-Asher

Santa Asher is learning that giving is more important than receiving.


Lets face it…we live in a VERY materialistic world. ¬†Instead of turning a blind eye by being overly protective of my children and their love for “things”, I’m raising them the way I was brought up (My parents & grandparents did a good job… Or at least I think they did! haha!): The more you have, the MORE you should give! Each child, parenting style & environment is different so follow at your own risk… I’m just sharing the things that worked for me which I’m applying on my kids too.. with my husband’s approval, of course!

HIGH STANDARDS. I believe in giving my kids the best in everything…that I and/or we can afford & within reason. I set high standards not only in material things but also academics (I didn’t do very good at this in High School), extra-curricular activities and everything that they have their heart & mind involved in. WHY? So that they’ll know the difference between mediocracy and excellence. It creates AWARENESS early on, trains a child to have goals and strive to be the best that he/she can be.

MANAGE EXPECTATIONS. I love to spoil… BUT I’ll also be the first one to reprimand, punish and discipline. My dad calls it, TOUGH LOVE! Like anything in life, we get what we deserve. I manage my children’s expectations by rewarding when they’re good (usually it’s a prize and praise) and punishing them when they’re bad. WHY? So they know that there are consequences to their actions and can’t have everything!

EXPOSURE. Exposure through travel and REAL LIFE. I went to Assumption San Lorenzo (an exclusive, all girls private Catholic school) and was VERY active in Luke 18 & Antioch since I was 13 years old until I left for the US to go to college. Luke 18 & Antioch is a youth ministry in Sanctuario de Antonio Parish (Forbes Park) which changed my life. Both my Catholic education and active participation in Luke 18 & Antioch exposed me to playing a more active role in our community by strengthening my faith and helping the less fortunate. We would have recollections, retreats, immersions and A LOT of outreach programs. Danielle has been following my footsteps & I have exposed Asher to the children of Bahay Maria since he was a 1 year old and now at 2, he’s playing a more active role. WHY? When they are exposed to the real world and see how other people live, they will learn to count their blessings, be grateful and be compassionate towards others (Imagine this exposure is just Bahay Maria… they will eventually be immersed in the slums with street children and homeless.. THAT is how I learned about the sad reality of the world we live in).

WORK HARD-ER. I emphasize on the “ER” because we live in a very competitive and tough world. It’s the survival of the fittest! As a parent, I believe that the best gift that I can ever give my children is a great education, good values and equip them with the skills, discipline and teach them importance of hard work… everything they need to live in this crazy world. I grew up being forced to take lessons in everything. I learned all, mastered none but did exceptionally well in a few. And for me, THAAAAT is what I needed. It’s through those classes that I discovered myself. I figured out my strengths, capabilities and learned to work on my weaknesses. ¬†Like my grandmother always said, “An idle mind is a devil’s playground!”. Now I realize their wisdom and most importantly, the value of hard work!!! WHY? Because working hard for any goal teaches patience, discipline and sacrifice. In the end, hard work pays off and enables you to do ANYTHING you put your heart and mind to.

SHARING IS CARING. You can’t share what you don’t have. Personally I think that sharing means more when your giving something you’ve worked hard for. The harder you work, the more you have and are able to give. WHY? Because sharing is caring when it comes from your own blood, sweat, tears & heart!!!

What’s your parenting style? Email me at so we can share our thoughts and exchange tips!

If you want to help:

Bahay Maria is located in 95 Amapola St. Bel Air 3 Village, Makati City | Contact Ms. Rosie at +632.890.4539 | +63917.626.5369 | Email | | Make checks payable to BAHAY MARIA, INC.

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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