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November 14, 2014
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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When Carlo and I just started dating, we made a vow that we would never travel apart. After a year of breastfeeding, stress from school and work, we decided to reward ourselves and commit to WE-time – one trip a year with our friends and no kids – which we coined as “FREE PASS”!

Korea 1

We define “free pass” as our WE-time to go out with our friends, go clubbing, have a couple of drinks (Only Carlo coz I’m allergic to alcohol) and go home way past our usual Cinderella 12am cutoff time – no set curfew. It’s our “free pass” not to wake up early and our excuse to lounge around the whole day doing nothing. Things that we never do in Manila or on a trip with our kids. Don’t get me wrong, as much as we try to fully maximize the “free pass” mode, we actually end up in bed before 3am. The mind is willing but our body is not. haha!

Korea-2 Korea-3

Gone are the days that we come home right before sunrise to avoid that “walk of shame”. As much as our “free pass” allows it, our body just can’t handle it anymore. BUT there are times that we try to push it and Seoul just happened to be THAT time. haha! There’s no better travel companions to hit the nightlife and use a “FREE PASS” with than the people behind the success of Manila’s nightlife: my dear friends Erik Cua, GP Reyes, JM Rodriguez, Kim Yao and KC Santi. Plus their significant others, Andi Manzano-Reyes and Jeff Go. They know how to paaaaaaarty! Eat. Sleep. Rave. REPEAT!


We went to Korea in February and it was extremely cold. Party weather and perfect time to bust out all the fur! Since this is one of the first trips we’ve had without the kids, I actually had all my luggage space to myself (Asher usually gets most of my luggage space) and this time around, I overpacked. I was over weight even before arriving to Korea. Whoooops!

Korea 5 Korea-6

Nights were composed of dinner and clubs with JC Ahn – a main fixture in Korea’s nightlife industry.

korea-7.1 Korea-7

NIGHTLIFE. After all the nights of club hopping, I have to say that the best was The A – formerly known as Club Eden. The dj and his music was good, the club was nice and the VVIP area was fantastic!


FOOD. You can’t go wrong with food in Korea. We were ordering pretty much the same dishes in different restaurants. I just had to share my fortune cookie photo. It must be a sign!


SHOPPING. Sadly I wasn’t able to shop because we spent most of the day recovering from all our nights out PLUS I didn’t have any luggage space. BUT shopping in Korea is crazy good. There’s so many malls, boutiques and markets and they all close late. One place we were able to go buy a couple of items for the kids was in Lotte (its a duty free mall, recommended by my friend Jacqui Halili-Co who frequently travels to Korea to shop). It’s a department store with mini boutiques that has everything from local korean brands to mid-range international brands.

Korea 9

If there’s anything I regret not shopping for it’s the FUR!!! Korea has a whole building that is devoted to selling anything and everything in fur and leather.

>>>Stay tuned to my next fashion post: FUR SHOPPING<<<


This photo taken by GP Reyes pretty much summed up our Korea trip! GOOD TIMES!!! :P

>>>Stay tuned to my next fashion post: FUR SHOPPING<<<

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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