February 6, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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It’s FINALLY ready!!! I never knew that it would be so much work to edit a simple hair tutorial. haha! Luckily, I worked in Channel [V] Philippines and trained with my good friend JM Rodriguez, so I do know a thing or two or more importantly, WHO can make this video happen.

Cat Arambulo Pompadour Hair

I’ve actually been sporting my Pompadour hair style for a few years already but last year it reached its maximum peak in height, popularity and now it has a life of its own. No seriously.. THIIIS Pompadour Hairstyle has given me A LOT of love, praise and on the downside (excuse my language), SH*T. So for the less experimental, more conservative and (excuse my tagalog…) Lola-ish ones a.k.a “haters” -This is NOOOT for YOOOU.  Log off and STOP reading, NOW!!! I hate to break it to you but people like YOU don’t belong on my blog. (Sorry but I told you guys that I strongly believe in being honest… I guess I forgot to also mention that I don’t filter my words or hide how I feel so this is ME.. as brutally blunt as I can be.). I’m not mean, I’m just REAL!

To all the Pompadour Hair supporters & lovers.. I’m leaving  you a fair warning: this is NOT a hairstyle for the weak in heart. BE PREPARED TO BE JUDGED. haha! My thoughts: WHO CARES?! It’s YOUR hair. It’s not about anyone else but YOU! My advice:  If you’re comfortable in your own skin, you think you look good and most importantly YOU feel good, DO IT!

Here are the perks of having Pompadour Hair: (1) HEIGHT. I’m only 5′ tall. On a high day, I’m 5’5″ without heels and even taller depending on the heels I’m wearing. (2) THINNER. Pompadour hair will make anyones face look thinner because it gives an illusion of making you look longer. (3) STATEMENT. It makes a statement without having to talk and it will draw everyones attention the minute you walk into a room. (4) VERSATILE. It looks good in gym wear, jeans and looks even better on a night out! (5) The higher the hair, the closer to God. hahaha!


POMPADOUR ESSENTIALS. The key to “getting it up” is the hairspray and brushes! Silhouette is available in Emphasis Salon. Before I share my “How to create My Signature Pompadour Hair” video. I wanted to show you my favourite Pompadour Hair photos to help you visualize different looks you can style yourself in to match your new hair:

Cat Arambulo Pompadour Hair

Pompadour working out. Believe it or not, I even tried it in a Hot Yoga class and to my surprise, it stayed up. Click here to find out more.. and to see what my hair looked like after the class. I was actually pretty impressed.. it didn’t fall, move and it really stayed true to form even if I was doing all sorts of poses & drenched in my own sweat. haha! Gross visual.. eeww, sorry!

Cat Arambulo Pompadour Hair

Roughing it out and staying tall in a more casual Pompadour look. It’s such a cool hairstyle in jeans!

Cat Arambulo Pompadour Hair

Pompadour hair at its best during formal events. Of course I sported the Pompadour hair when I was awarded Best Dressed Women of the Philippines and for the Women of Distinction Exhibit. Believe me, you’ll look as glamorous as ever!

I hope you enjoyed the video. Just remember: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. It took me a week to learn. Be patient, keep practicing and eventually it will be like clockwork. My fastest time on “getting it up” was 7 minutes because I was rushing to go to the airport! I’m so sure you can do it too.

I can’t wait to see you in your Pompadour Hair. Email me at for YOUR version of My Signature Pompadour Hair look and I’ll be giving away a few bottles of Travel Size Hair Spray (It’s not sold in stores or in Manila). I hope you learned a thing or two about My Signature Pompadour Hair! And YES, I’m owning it! haha!

GOOD LUCK & have a great weekend!

Video by Neil Simbahon | Emphasis Salon | Special Thanks to Abby & Marge of Emphasis Salon | Photos by Michelle Pineda.Phil Dizon.Patrick Uy | For formal photos Hair by Felicity Son & Make Up by Pong Niu

If you can’t load the video, it’s also on You Tube: ENJOY!

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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