March 28, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Hola! I’m still currently on holiday (with NO NANNY!) so it’s quite a challenge for me to edit photos and squeeze in some writing time. BUT here I am, sharing with you bits and pieces of our little Cancún experience. Yay!


Here’s my first memory imprint of Cancún from Nizuc Resort & Spa. Isn’t it picture perfect?!

01-Mexico 05-Mexico

During my college days in Los Angeles, I remember all my friends planning their trips for Spring Break. Cancún was always THE hot spot and place to be. Unfortunately, my parents/grandparents were very strict and made me fly back home to Manila EVERY TIME I had a break from school. Grrrrrr!


Fast forward to NOW.. my first Cancún experience and it’s Spring Break. Only THIS experience isn’t what I had imagined Cancún to be like if I had gone when I was in my 20’s and with my college friends. haha!

12-Mexico 13-Mexico

Cancún is actually super KID FRIENDLY, a great family place and a beautiful wedding venue. We actually went to Cancún because we were invited to attend Carlo’s BFF Sam and Linda’s nuptials.

Cat Arambulo

Day 1: Touchdown, Nizuc Resort and Spa. We didn’t to anything when we arrived since we were so tired from the flight and Asher was still SUPER jet lag.

Cat Arambulo

Day 2: Cocktails & Dinner at Bar A-Kan’s Beach. Isn’t the set up and sunset amazing?!

Cat Arambulo

Day 3: The wedding day. We were so excited since it was the first Indian wedding we’ve ever been to. I was praying that Asher would behave throughout the ceremony. And guess what?! He did pretty well. Hooray for Asher!

Cat Arambulo

Baraat and Anand Karaj: The Baraat is when the groom travels -procession with friends & family- to the wedding venue to pick up his bride. The Anand Karaj is the actual ceremony. It was soooo romantic!

Cat Arambulo

Dinner and Dancing at The Esplanade: For dinner, we weren’t so lucky. We tried to keep the kids for as long as we could.. or even just to watch Daddy Carlo give his speech but the little man Asher couldn’t handle anymore grown up stuff. Fortunately Carlo and I were able to squeeze in a little over an hour to spend more time at the reception. Note to self: Bring a nanny especially in weddings. haha!

Cat Arambulo

Day 4: Farewell Brunch at Ramona. We were the first ones there since we all turned in so early the night before. What a treat!

Cat Arambulo 16-Mexico

I have to admit that the first week into the trip, I wanted us to go straight back home to Manila after the wedding because it was such a struggle to manage everyone, everything, attend events and deal with jet lag – the kids and our own. I even vowed NEVER to take a long haul trip without help especially since Asher is still a toddler -BUUUUT- as I write this now, coupled with the fact that our schedules have normalized and we can move at our own pace – I’m happy that it’s just the four of us. This trip… these moments, quality time and beautiful memories are experiences that we will live remembering together, forever! So cheesy but it’s true.


So there… I finally had my much awaited and anticipated Cancún experience after over a decade. And I’m so glad that I was able share it with the people that matter to me the most, my beautiful family!

Note: I only managed to take snippets of our whole trip because I had my hands full and was multi-tasking to the Nth level. hayayayyay! :)

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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