May 23, 2015
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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Where do I even begin??! Blogging is a topic that really -REALLY- excites me. I actually stumbled upon it towards the end of my interior design course – I was looking for a way to document my work, love for fashion, organize the photos of my life and collate all of my son’s milestones (and outfits, of course!). In my head: an online album. haha!


The first person that came to mind when I was figuring out how to create an “online album” was the woman behind my identity and logo: Isabel Gatuslao. No words can even begin to describe how talented Isabel is – can you imagine I waited for 6 months before she took me on as a client because she was so busy. That’s how much I believed in her work and knew that she was the ONLY one who could execute my logo and create an identity that would best represent ME. We created my logo when I started interior design school a few years ago (I used the same logo to stamp all my work, wrap gifts & give notecards. Yup, I’m THAAT O.C. about my branding) and when I was ready to take the next step in making my logo/identity come to life: Isabel picked my brains, empathized with my emotions, shared my vision and pretty much directed me on where to go. I seriously can’t take the credit because it’s because of Isabel that my blog was born! I’ll let you in my little secret: Sssssssshhh but Isabel Gatuslao is my blog whisperer and has taught me everything that I know today! She is simply: AMAZEBALLS.


Fast forward. I was so excited when I found out that SoFA was offering a capsule course: Blogging 101. I immediately texted my friend, SoFA’s co-founder: Loralee Baron-Soong and asked her to secure me a slot. It was over a dinner that I asked my other girl friends to join the class since I’ve been bugging them to start blogging too! The more the merrier.

SoFA: Kryz Uy

Blogging has opened my eyes to so many new things, sharing new experiences and WOW… I’ve been presented with such great opportunities. BUUT let’s face it –I’m an amateur, “newbie” and sooo not techy. I only started my blog in November 2014, I seriously still have so much MORE to learn and a lot more that I can improve on. I just have to say this: I have so much respect and admire the older bloggers or shall I say more experienced bloggers because most of them are actually a lot younger than me. haha! People can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time, work and dedication that a person needs to invest into making their blog successful. It’s MAJOR! And of course that includes our amazing and inspiring mentor: Kryz Uy. HATS OFF TO YOU!

Kryz Uy

I was so excited to take the Blogging 101 class that I arrived super early. Luckily (for me),  I was able to ambush Kryz with 101 questions, observe her as she put all the giveaways on everyones seat and of course I wanted to get tips on how she took photos of the loot from her sponsors. So cool right?!

SoFA: Kryz Uy

FULL HOUSE. We were actually suppose to be 30 students but final headcount was 31. FUN!

Kryz Uy: Sofa

First topic: How to take a good OOTD. Truth be told, I’m still practicing and trying to learn this everyday without looking awkward. I’ve just recently overcome taking OOTD photos in public on the streets of Manila… so YES, I actually think I’m slowly feeling like a legit blogger because at the end of the day we all share the same sentiments: “I don’t care if people think I look ridiculous or stupid” attitude just to get THAT perfect shot.. and options. haha!

Cat Arambulo, Kristine Tanyag, Nicole Ortega, Celine Gabriel

Left photo. We didn’t get the memo. We couldn’t figure out where to do the OOTD shot so we did a self-WE. haha!

Right Photo. Thanks Kristine Tanyag for my OOTD photo which we took AFTER we returned to the classroom and realized that everyone else did the OOTD exercise. haha. EEEEEP!

Cat Arambulo & Kristine Tanyag Nicole Ortega: SoFA

Second topic: Flat lays. I’m sure people think that the flat lay photos on bloggers instgram feed are effortless. OR SO YOU THINK. hahaha! OMG.. it’s actually a major production. In fact, my husband and kids used to walk into a room and catch me standing on a chair or sofa trying to take photos… of course they scratch their head, give me this weird look and asked “What are you doing?????” – and of course I answer while scratching my head, annoyed face: “You know what… I don’t know too. I seriously don’t know.. this is SOOOO ANNOYING. How do they (referring to bloggers) do this??!” hahahahahaha!!! So if you want to know: I’m still slowing figuring it out, learning new tricks and techniques every day.

SoFA: Kryz Uy, Cat Arambulo, Celine Gabriel, Kristine Tanyag, Nicole Ortega

So here we are: a bunch of “bloggers” and soon to be bloggers that had an afternoon of fun. I learned so much, feel more confident and have been armed with a new set of techniques (insider tips and “secrets”) which I’m constantly trying to apply in my blog and other social media accounts. If I learned how to blog, trust me, YOU can do it too.

Thank you SoFA and Kryz Uy for a very fruitful day!

To know more about Kryz Uy check out her blog Thirstythought by Kryz Uy | To find out more about SoFA and their programs check out SoFA Design Institute 

- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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