January 21, 2017
Written by Cat Arambulo-Antonio
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The secret is OUT and I can’t contain how excited I am to reveal my #Swiss Discovery.

Nestle & Cat Arambulo-Antonio

If you’re following me on Instagram @catarambulo , I gave clues and shared snippets of my very memorable trip to Switzerland. Plus I did a post: OUTFIT IDEAS: WHEN IN SWITZERLAND.

Nestle & Cat Arambulo-Antonio

During that time, I couldn’t tell you about the company that I was working with because it was suppose to be a surprise. The clue: First Class, First World and one of the largest companies in the world.

Nestle Brands & Cat Arambulo-Antonio

What I was dying to say was that I was working with the #1 and largest food & beverage company in the WORLD!!! OMMMMMMG!!!! They have over 2,000 brands under their wing and are sitting at the very top. Check out this article:  Forbes: The World’s Largest Food & Beverage Companies 2016 to see the other companies that made it on the list.


gian-abaya-siang-ng-cyril-silagan-cat-arambulo-antonio-kit-de-silva-adi-bontuyan-gio-san-pedroGian Abaya, Siang Ng, Cyril Silagan, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Kit De Silva, Adi Bontuyan and Gio San Pedro

Wait and get this, they sent the Gushcloud Production Team to cover my whole experience. WOW is right!!! Just like a Kardashian. hahaha!


Nestle & Cat Arambulo-Antonio

TADA!!! Welcome to the motherland, Nestle HQ in Vevey, Switzerland. To this day, I’m pinching myself because I still cant believe that I was handpicked by Nestle to witness and share this mind blowing experience. I am the FIRST and ONLY blogger in the WORLD that Nestle has ever invited over!!! I am truly honored and will be forever grateful for this life changing and eye opening experience.

Nestle HQ & cat Arambulo-Antonio

This is IT. So real and LEGIT. My heart skips a beat every time I see this photo. THIS is the I.D. that gave me access to the world of Nestle.

Nestle Headquarters

Here are some snippets through my eyes:

Nestle & cat Arambulo-Antonio Nestle HQ Switzerland & cat Arambulo-Antonio Nestle HQ Switzerland & Cat Arambulo-Antonio Nestle HQ & cat Arambulo-Antonio Nestle HQ Switzerland & Cat Arambulo-Antonio Switzerland HQ & cat Arambulo-Antonio

I can’t even caption the photos because no words can ever give justice to the total experience.

Nestle Switzerland and Cat Arambulo-Antonio

And THIIIIIS is how they do “cafeteria” lunch in the #1 Food & Beverage Company in the World. Did you know that even S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna is made by Nestle??? Seriously, I dare you to go to your kitchen now and just look at the labels… there are products that I’ve been using that I didn’t even know were owned & made by Nestle. They create so many brands that they compete against themselves. They’re so HUGE, it’s INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

Nestle Switzerland and Cat Arambulo-Antonio

These are my absolute favourites. I could not, not take a photo. And by the way… ever wonder why Swiss Chocolates taste different? Well, even their cows have pedigrees. Definitely, quality at it’s finest.

Cat Arambulo-Antonio & Switzerland HQ

This is Cy and I in front of Nestle’s PTC (Product and Technology Centre). It is a locked down, maximum security facility and the experience is stored in my memory. hahaha! No but seriously, I can only share the experience verbally (NO PHOTOS ALLOWED) because this is where all the Nestle products are born. FUN FACT: It takes a minimum of 10 years to create a product. Take note: MINIMUM. OMG… in ten years, I’m probably going through midlife crisis already. Eeeeeek!

Baby Nespresso Nestle Switzerland

Back to Nestle HQ. Check out Nestle’s BabyNes Machine that serves the exact amount of FORMULA (not coffee), regulated water temperature and perfectly mixed at every feeding. All you need to do is pop in the Baby Nes capsule. It’s a no brainer and perfect for all caregivers. I can’t wait until this baby comes to Manila. It will be life changing.

Switzerland HQ & Cat Arambulo-Antonio

One of the most important things that I did learn from the trip is that the first 1000 days of life of a child is the most crucial. And that starts from conception until a child’s 2nd birthday. So ladies, pregnancy is no excuse to just eat anything and everything. The key is to start healthy to stay healthy.

And mind you, Nestle is in FULL SUPPORT of BREASTFEEDING. They truly believe in the superiority of breastmilk. Fun Fact: Did you know that Nestle has breastfeeding rooms in all of their offices worldwide? Plus they give incentives to their employees who breastfeed their child. These are things that people don’t know but should!

Switzerland HQ & cat Arambulo-Antonio

But let’s face it, everyone is different. Every child is different. Every pregnancy is different. Every mother’s breastfeeding journey is different. And if there’s one thing that we all have in common it’s this: We all want the BEST for our child. What if for one reason or another breastmilk is not available??? As a mom, I finally found comfort in knowing that there is a company out there that I can really trust when it comes to food, wellness and nutrition ESP when it comes to my kids.

Check out my video to see my Swiss Discovery:



In Nestle, milk is tailor made to fit the nutritional requirements of each country. And believe me, it’s backed up by intensive research, clinical studies and made with high quality. It’s definitely Milk by Design. Now I know why Nestle is on top and #1. They have every right to be!!!

To learn more about Optimized Protein visit:


Our Philippine Flag was raised for Team Philippines in Switzerland next to the Swiss and Nestle Flag. Am on a high and truly honored to be able to represent our country!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little story and BIG experience as much as I did. I can’t wait to share what else we have up our sleeves, soon.

Til my next post: Start Healthy to Stay Healthy.



- Cat Arambulo-Antonio


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